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This is no longer just propaganda [UPDATED]

The GOP is a neo-nazi, paramilitary insurgency

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A constellation of recent events shows that the progressive disease of disinformation and radicalization that has putrified the Republican Party has not stopped metastasizing and deepening. It is openly calling for armed revolution and laws that Gilead would see as over the top.

Eric Greitens is a performative fascist, a guy with no boundaries or morals who pals around with Erik Prince. His ad should be illegal. It is sanctioning extralegal executions in plain sight.

Let’s be clear, despite what pundits may tell you on TV, this is not free speech. As we discussed on Radicalized, harmful speech is not free. The people who die because someone sees that ad and decides to shoot up a GOP convention because they’re “RINO hunting” pay for that speech. It is a call for stochastic terrorism. That is not free speech. We all pay for it.

At the same time Greitens posts an ad explicitly calling for death squads, the Texas GOP endorses a platform that would be at home on a QAnon discussion board.

The GOP is a dangerous cult living in a separate reality. It’s no longer propaganda. They are going to do everything they say they’re going to do unless we stop them.

This is textbook fascism. And I will say once again, fascism will not stop on its own. It must be defeated.


These would-be representatives have made hunting cards.

This is a death threat and incitement. Why is this legal?

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson