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Tracy Diaz: Red Sparrow in the Coal Mine

She’s been Mike Flynn’s — and Russia’s — employee all along

Tracy Diaz has been working for Mike Flynn and the Russians since 2016.

Here’s an article that points to Russian bots amplifying QAnon very early in its existence, before it had any significant following at all. Included in those accounts was Tracy Diaz aka Tracy Beanz.

Tracy Diaz was a prominent PizzaGate propagandist and Russian bots began promoting her in April 2017, six months before QAnon started.

There are four clips put together in the video above.

  1. Tracy Diaz meeting Donald Trump in Washington DC in 2018 and yelling “We are Q!” This was true. Tracy Diaz ran the “Q” LARP for Mike Flynn at that point.

  2. Jerome Corsi with his friend and mentor Roger Stone in November 2018. Corsi is a member of the CNP like Flynn and connected Roger Stone to Guccifer 2 in 2016. Corsi was also part of running the “Q” LARP with Tracy Diaz.

  3. Jerome Corsi and Tracy Diaz in January 2018, two months after”Q” started promoting their own “Q drops.”

  4. Tracy Diaz and Patrick Byrne in December 2020 discussing the overthrow of American democracy.

Tracy Diaz is a traitor working for a traitor. She should not be free to keep trying to destroy the country. Here she is on Mike Flynn’s Board of Directors for “America’s Future” which gave a million dollars to the Arizona fraudit.

In any case, the January 6th Committee needs to subpoena her immediately. She knows everything.

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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson