Trump for Speaker Anyone? VOTE

Russian propagandist and Flynn funder Patrick Byrne says that's the plan.

h/t @clayberg

It’s almost impossible to describe how entirely fucked Patrick Byrne is. He's spent a good chunk of his Overstock money to pay for fraud, psyops and disinformation. He quit his job right after he broke up with Kremlin spy Maria Butina and started funding Mike Flynn’s propaganda operations. The “Search for Q” Season 2 does an amazing job covering this compromised psycho.

Last night, Patrick Byrne claimed on Telegram that they plan to put Trump in as speaker if the Republicans win the House.

They will do this and create another internationally embarrassing clown show with fake investigations and trials of their political enemies. Constitutional crisis does not begin to describe what would happen.

For god’s sake everyone. Get out the fucking VOTE.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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