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Twitter Needs to Stop Allowing This

How @KassandraSeven targets people to silence them

Here’s a video explainer of how @KassandraSeven and her network of trolls target people to silence them online, in this case DeSantis COVID whistleblower Rebekah Jones who had 400k followers when she was permanently banned. Feel free to download and share. Note that you can pause to read the tweets.

If you’ve been following me, you know about the defamatory smear campaign against me being orchestrated in part by weaponized Twitter troll @KassandraSeven, who is in actuality a Russian-speaking failed PR executive and erstwhile travel blogger named Susan who makes money attacking people online to pay for her trips and her lifestyle in NYC.

In the tweet below, Susan says that she ignored me from May 2021 - Nov 2021, which is largely true. She had already helped destroy my volunteer organization by May, and wrecked my other projects, so she took a contract to get DeSantis whistleblower Rebekah Jones suspended. Jones is running against Matt Gaetz in Florida.

After Susan successfully got Rebekah Jones suspended as shown in the video, Susan took fancy trips to Kenya and Michigan before returning to her contract to destroy me personally in December 2021. She recently took a short break to go to Peru but has otherwise been literally full-time in the Jim-smearing business ever since.

Apparently I had gotten too influential on Twitter despite leftist disinformation cult #RealBlueAnon’s outlandish efforts to ruin everything I do, so she came after me again and managed to get me suspended in January — twice.

It should be noted that Susan collaborated with long-time wannabe Twitter cop and anonymous harmful LARP Conspirador Norteno in the project to get Rebekah Jones suspended. Conspirador has a long list of inauthentic Twitter kills. Twitter needs to shut his account down along with @KassandraSeven. They are paid social media assassins, nothing more.

Twitter, if you’re listening, please find the 10,000 missing tweets of KassandraSeven’s targeted harassment and abuse that she deleted about me.

Oh wait, never mind, I have them. Here’s just a portion.

351MB ∙ PDF file

Why are you are helping people who break your rules for a living?

Give me my account back. I have broken no rules — as you admitted. Get it together. 👍🏼

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Dear Twitter: Unsuspend @jimstewartson
Friends, I don’t normally ask for stuff but it’s my birthday. 😇🎁 If you wouldn’t mind sharing this article on Twitter and tagging @Twitter, @TwitterSafety, and @yoyoel that would be appreciated — only if you’re comfortable with it. 🙏🏻 UPDATE: Apparently within minutes of posting this on Twitter people are already being targeted by the account @Kassand…
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