Mar 10, 2022 • 15M

Welcome to the MindWar

A short introduction to the show, Putin, doomsday and silver linings

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Jim Stewartson
Dispatches from the MindWar: A podcast about psyops, cults and the dark operations that enforce malicious narratives.
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Hey all! Starting a podcast for my paid subscribers. It’s about information warfare, psyops, cults and the dark operations that enforce malicious narratives.

Please let me know what you think in the comments! It’s an experiment and I’d love any feedback or suggestions.

Here are a few articles that may provide context for this episode:

Jim Stewartson #IAmAntiFascist
Telegram Hellscape: Biolabs, “Z” and #CreepiestPriest
It’s hard to describe how frustrating and saddening it is to walk through QAnon Telegram which is currently a malevolent supernova of pure unadulterated Russian and neo-nazi propaganda. I was laughed at for saying QAnon is Russian propaganda. That it was going to get violent. That it was a psyop. And that it was designed to destroy America…
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Jim Stewartson #IAmAntiFascist
WH: Russia May Use Chemical or Biological Weapons 🚨
Needless to say, this is not good, regardless of the context. But last night I picked up on a very strong narrative in the QAnon+ Cult on Telegram, which is to propose that Ukraine has secret DOD “biolabs” where China and the “Deep State” created COVID as a population control bio-weapon…
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Jim Stewartson #IAmAntiFascist
Crypto may finally be getting attention
Cryptocurrency has been a way for criminals and fascists to pay for illegal and clandestine operations for more than a decade. It’s fascinating to note that a high proportion of white supremacists and anarchists were somehow able to figure out that blockchain technology was going to be important well before most technologists or financial analysts. Many…
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