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“What could possibly go wrong?” — #ChiefTwit stumblefucks through Twitter plans

This is the mega-genius that spent $44 billion to troll people 😬

h/t @Gal

One of the old white guy funds that Elmo Musk snookered into his bullshit Tony Stark routine invited him for an interview on Friday to explain his batshit decision to buy Twitter for at least three times what it’s worth. If you want to torture yourself with the whole thing, knock yourself out.

TW: Boring, cringy narcissist has nothing to say but libertarian talking points and made up stories about his own greatness.

Elmo is not a genius, he’s a charlatan, a carnival barker who has been given the keys to a vast fortune and can think of nothing better to do than make dick jokes.

There is so much stupid in here but I condensed to a few minutes and added an appropriate soundtrack.

Please, by all means, feel free to download and share.


Also, this account is super funny. 😂

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