Isn't it funny how the folks hysterically bleating about "tyranny" turn into pom-pom waving cheerleaders when actual goddamn tyranny shows up in the form of a compromised court stripping half the US population of its right to bodily autonomy. You could just die laughing. 🙄

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The only issue

Greetings Jim:

On June 24, 2022, Gen. Michael Flynn, head of the U.S. Military intelligence reconnaissance during the Obama administration and first NSA advisor to Donald Trump, posted on 8kun (formerly 8chan) as military intelligence anonymous clearance level q (henceforth just Q) with three posts in the politics subsection. This was first time in 2 years. Now, it is not just the disgraced and, worse, pardoned general and traditionalist Catholic leader. Flynn conceives it, Dan Savino writes it, Ron Watkins sells it in both pop culture references and through his failing Arizona campaign for Congress, Jim Watkins hosts it, Gen. Joseph Flynn enacts the commands (not legal), and the traditionalist Catholics are the eyes in the sky who watch and direct all. Those Catholic leaders include a three-eyed fish leadership that many Catholics feel are the true leaders of the world (or the US); Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (the grey pope), Raymond Cardinal Burke (the chosen pope to be), and though I hate to say this, Pope Benedict XVI (the retired pope, or as some extremists believe, the pope in exile.) Each person I named in this Q Anon leadership are Catholics. Now, I too am Catholic. But I am not a traditionalist Catholic. That is a distinctive difference.

Here, let me show you. Many Catholics the world over, including Pope Francis and many American Catholics, are egalitarian and willing to not let our faith or lack thereof get in the way of worldwide governance. President Joe Biden is one of those mainstream Catholics, as were and are the Kennedys. In short, we are considered Vatican II Catholics. Now, traditionalist Catholics are not just those who pine for the days of the Latin mass done in the Latin language. These Catholics are militant, as you might have guessed with their allegiances to Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta and the like. They are also, when cornered, scared people who are looking to their leaders in the faith to revert to the days of total Catholic world leadership. Indeed, this is something that the Flynn family believes. In their mind, worldwide liberal democracy has failed. Their solution, primarily, is to return to the older leadership ways in the time of the Dark and Middle Ages. The days when the Church ruled all, even kings and militaries. One could say that the decision of King Henry VII to enact the Church of England was a line of demarcation between Catholic supremacy and liberal freedom. There is, however, a hidden meaning with this Catholic extremism we see. For it was the Church, in its early incarnations, that sought the exclusivity of knowledge. Why, so it went, give knowledge to the poor, indebted, and lame when they will use said knowledge to be as equal or above their leaders in the robes? I need not go over the ways knowledge was forbidden to the plebes at the time; a cursory examination of who benefited from the destruction of the library of Alexandria will give you an idea.

Now, we can go over what types of knowledge traditionalist Catholics fear will get into the hands of the mainstream Catholics and many others. That, however, is for another time. What we are seeing is this section of Catholics who have, in the last 60 years, sought to undo the light of mainstream Catholicism and liberalism by, at least to start, reversing Vatican II. And to do this before the inevitable Vatican III council needs to take place, particularly when it occurs under a Democratic American President who is themselves Catholic. Because I will tell you this prediction: the Synod of Sy nodality expected to take place in October next year will force the Church and therefore the world to a more liberal and people powered order. As well it should. And they are most terrified, these traditionalists Catholics like the Q Anon leaders, of the Church either accepting LGBTQ+ lifestyles and people; and/or women into the priesthood. In fact, just as I started this email, another Flynn/Vigano inspired Q post went up in which alongside telling its adherents to vote against Democrats in elections and end any protests by pro-choice activists (not to mention silencing minorities); the question to start on who Jane Roe was would lead adherents to sully the names and lives of people like Sarah Wedington and Norma McCorvey. Ms. McCorvey is, despite having died in 2017, being used as a target to denigrate people because of how she lived her life. And yes, they are also attempting to alter her history with respect to her conversion to Catholicism (but not traditionalist Catholicism) later in life. Easier to do that than understand the issue, as Sarah Wedington said and Norma McCorvey opined, was greater than the person named in the lawsuit. As I have said before, being pro-choice is indeed being pro-life. You understand why.

We are heading towards Gilead, which I have been saying for a few years now. We may be there already. The question though is, which Gilead? The Gilead of the historical record? The Gilead of the Dame Margaret Atwood novels? Or the Gilead of the Stephen King novels? The one where the world has moved on and desecrated itself? The one where apathy and failure reign. The one where the only change can come from outside sources. Let us face it: America failed. Now we need to deal with it and choose where we want to merge with. The neo medieval Catholic ages, or the Great Reset? I had thought we made the choice of the Great Reset 2 years ago. Now, it must be enforced for the betterment of this world. Because the next time the people will demand a Reset, it will not be because of a pandemic or racial strife or human rights. It will be because, I suppose, it is written.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.” - George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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