Why at this point would anyone bother to believe internet troll comments about Cassidy Hutchinson? The 30% that watch the Fox Entertainment Channel and follow radical right Twitter feeds will believe anything the Murdoch crime family or others wants them to believe. The rest of the country either doesn't care or believes her. I no longer believe there is this great "undecided" majority out there that the Democrats like to pin their meager hopes on. They just got to motivate that 70% to actually vote which is something they haven't really figured out how to do yet as they spend most of their time begging for another $15 daily to secure that Dem victory while using part of that campaign money to promote Trump picks because they think they will be easier to beat in swing states. Stupid as usual.

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Agree with Gal.

Disagree with the Amber Heard comparison.

In her case, she has not been shown to be 'braver and more honest than any of the men around her'.

She's a lamentable example of the occasional incidence of female abuse of power, and invokes the same republican tactics (including arguing freedom of speech) to justify her abuses.

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Cheri Jacobus has actually been the target of such an operation.

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