I'm not sure political violence was the intended goal. I think that was to create a cult of personalty around Trump. Of course, that is always an element of fascism/authoritarianism and political violence is pretty much inevitable with that because fascism cannot tolerate the opposition it is always going to face. So, I suppose it doesn't matter if it's the goal when it's a necessary means to their despicable ends. As we used to say in junior high "same dff".

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Qanon promoters on Telegram and Truth Social quickly pointed out that one of Trump’s recent statements include the same words used in previous “Q drops.”

I have followed Qanon promoters long enough to know they search for anything and everything that they can use as propaganda.

I would like to know if someone in Trump’s inner circle advises him to use certain words or phrases, knowing that Q promoters will use it as Qanon propaganda. I would not put it past them.

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Thank you for bringing this up. One thing that always bothered me about Mike’s set is their complete fudging of research concepts. If you make an inference based on strong evidence, they won’t accept anything but complete certainty (at least when they are not making evidence free assertions like Qanon is only about grift or that Flynn found his prayer in a flyer). That approach would doom any actual research or scientific enterprise. They are clearly research LARPers if they actually think that’s how it works. Don’t get me started on their bizarre interpretation of Occam’s Razor.

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