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Dear YouTube: Restore My Account and Remove Your Defamatory Notice [UPDATED]

YouTube: Escalate this to legal. Trolls: Please report my channel. Thanks!

Dear YouTube:

Former Google/Niantic employee here. You should be aware that the YouTube support system is being abused by inauthentic reporting. This has led to a situation that has created significant legal risk to you. You need to correct this ASAP.

Several weeks ago, I set up a YouTube channel to exercise my free speech rights and distribute my documentary “American Mindf*ck.” I followed every rule and procedure. I broke no rules whatsoever.

Here’s the channel. There is currently a notification on it which is defamatory and harmful to me personally. It is a public lie being disseminated by Google on its platform against a private citizen who did not break any rules.

Within 24 hours of posting my video I got this notice which made no sense at all. I received no warning, no “strikes,” and no opportunity to refute this allegation. I was just permanently banned — for nothing. I have appealed five times and received no response.

The documentary I posted was created by award-winning professionals. The idea that it “glorifies violence” is completely bizarre. It is a deeply empathetic look at the harm that is caused by disinformation — specifically QAnon.

So I used a small existing account to see whether it was my channel or my documentary which is being censored. I uploaded the documentary to it and received a notification almost immediately. This one was different, however. This one wasn’t about “glorifying violence” it was about “harassment, threats and cyberbullying.”


The only person in the documentary who is being cyberbullied is me, and the only people named in the documentary are public figures like Mike Flynn and Jack Posobiec. The idea that this documentary threatens or harasses anyone is DEFAMATORY.

But now this notification is associated with me and my documentary in public. This is a false accusation and violates Google’s own policies. I know how sensitive the legal department is over there. I suggest you escalate this to Legal immediately.

YouTube must restore my account and my documentary. You made a major mistake and right now all I’m asking for is a correction.

So, once you’ve decided whether this “glorifies violence” or “cyberbullies” you can either send me the details of your allegations or you can give me my account back.

Trolls, I would consider it a big favor if you would report this channel. It’s apparently the only way I can get a conversation going with YouTube Support. Thanks!

Everyone else, do me a favor and post this article on Twitter and tag YouTube and YouTube Support. Thanks!

UPDATE: Joe Flynn has weighed in.

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