Aug 12, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

Just a thought, but the phrase “arrest Mike Flynn” could be perceived by the YT AI as calling for a citizen’s arrest.

Also any mention of vaccines are a hot word for YT, whether the context is positive or negative, the AI just ban’s anything when they are mentioned.

And the F word in the title, albeit with a *, might not look good for a new channel.

I’ve heard YouTubers ask people not to swear until later into the videos.

I’m not complaining about the documentary, it’s excellent. I’m just flagging up things that YT is sensitive about.

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If YouTube is cancelling me because I’m “cyberbullying” Mike Flynn, they need to say so. That would be the best day of my life.

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YouTube is fundamentally and hopelessly corrupt. I know many of them. I know many of them who are victims. For them to be caught with such contempt for the most basic humanity of all and their own lives, just when the most fundamental human, human dignity is threatened, makes them feel worse. And I'm angry that they are still being watched. We will not stop because we think they might be doing this. We are watching on television. The same is true of your other articles, and we don't talk too much about your other books.

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