Tonight on PBS’s Frontline

Michael Flynn’s Holy War

I wish it would Bevin at

9 pm

Instead of 10pm because many people go to sleep by 10, especially when you wake up early. This is a must see so I will be texting my friends to record it.

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Geesh. CNN called the dossier "largely discredited". Is it?

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Watching the Frontline documentary on Flynn now. It's good I guess, but I'm afraid those watching who don't know the background of the grifters and charlatans who speak positively of Flynn puts the audience at a disadvantage in really understanding how dangerous his call for "spiritual warfare" really is. He probably comes off looking pretty if you're a right-wing Christian. Haven't watched the whole thing yet, but...


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Oct 18, 2022·edited Oct 18, 2022

My god what kind of leverage do you have to have on a man to get him to put on clown makeup every day in public for 2 years? The only person I have seen humiliating himself longer and more consistently is Lindsey Graham.

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