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EXCLUSIVE — Unheard Jason Sullivan Audio: “We would therefore find ourselves in a civil war”

Courtesy whistleblower Staci Burk

Please feel free to download this video from Vimeo and share on Twitter and elsewhere.

Note: this audio was recorded by Staci Burk, who has put her own life at risk to bring this evidence public. Her story is important, and I’m grateful she has had the courage to do the right thing, despite a concerted effort to stop her. She will be releasing more evidence over the coming days.

Mike Flynn and Jason Sullivan — 5/29/2021, Patriots Roundup

In these exclusive audio clips, Jason Sullivan discusses the plan to overthrow the government with members of the First Amendment Praetorians, described as “Mike Flynn’s personal guard” and others.

On a conference call on 12/30/2020, one week before the insurrection, Sullivan makes clear that they intend to overturn the election results one way or the other — through fake election fraud, the military or “the militias.”

This audio is from the same conference call as the clip in this New York Times article:

As I have mentioned, I identified Jason Sullivan as a central figure in QAnon well over a year ago, and included him on this chart in December 2020 — which is when this phone call was recorded.

There is a lot more information about Jason Sullivan and his co-conspirators.

More to come.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson