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Flynn Has a New Theory About “Russia, Russia, Russia” and Elections

Maybe you can figure it out 🤷‍♂️

Jovan Pulitzer aka J. Hutton Pulitzer invented the CueCat which is this thing.

If you didn’t know what the CueCat was for, you might have some ideas which aren’t “barcode scanner.” 😬 It’s well-known as one of the biggest flops in technology history.

Jovan Pulitzer became a Mike Flynn Big Lie propagandist before the 2020 election and has remained one of Flynn’s most dedicated, and ridiculous, mouthpieces ever since. Many of the silliest conspiracy theories about “bamboo fibers” in ballots and using “kinematic artifact detection” to find election fraud came from Pulitzer.

I found this video on Kremlin propagandist Ann Vandersteel’s channel on Kremlin propaganda app Telegram. In the video, Pulitzer reveals that his latest conspiracy theory about election fraud came directly from a conversation with the worst traitor in American history, Michael T. Flynn.

Pulitzer says “Russia Russia Russia” — meaning the investigation into Trump and Flynn that led to Mueller is somehow responsible for the 2020 election being stolen.

“‘Russia Russia Russia’ was sold to the nation to activate in our own country a backdoor system where they activated old programs that they dropped in every law enforcement agency that allowed them to see all of the traffic of the vote through the law enforcement agency as a [scare quote] ‘protection measure.’ That is the backdoor. It comes through the sheriff’s department. That’s what they’re hiding.”

I literally cannot figure out what this means. He makes 6 or 7 logical leaps that have no conceivable connection to reality.

Any ideas?


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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