Sounds like unmitigated bullshit, and like you I have almost no idea what it could even mean. Is he saying "they" (NSA? Deep State?) reactivated systems in sheriffs depts set up to monitor voting and then used them to somehow manipulate the vote? 1. Even if such systems existed, it's a big , I'd say implausible, leap from monitoring to manipulating. 2. Wouldn't this require accomplices in every sheriffs department? 3. Why wouldn't "they" have a system set up directly under their control.

It's hard to even imagine what this cock and bull story is supposed to accomplish. My first thought was to further radicalize sheriffs, but wouldn't they simply know that no such system exists?

Maybe this fucker has just totally lost his marbles?

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I guess they want the cops to arrest the sheriffs who stole the election by seeing people vote.


The 2020 election was the first cycle where the election was reasonably secure, proven by excessive audits resulting in the same results every time.

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Well, that explains the CueCat.

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