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Flynn’s “Great Awakening” QAnon Psyops Tour

People pay hundreds of dollars to be programmed by professional psyops practitioners, cult leaders and Russian propagandists

I listened to the entire two days of Mike Flynn’s traveling radicalization circus, “ReAwaken America Tour” in Virginia Beach this weekend. I’ve covered dozens of these events on Twitter in the last two years but they have gotten progressively more dangerous.

I recorded a condensed version with commentary because I think it’s important to document and explain what’s happening at these events — especially because Flynn and his allies have gotten more desperate and more vicious in their tactics.

These are grueling psychological torture chambers — which is why most normies can’t stand to watch them. The participant is presented so many different false realities that they are prepared to believe anything they’re told by the end.

On Day 1, Eric and Jr. Trump showed up. Orange Mussolini called in to anoint the proceedings.

These events used to be called “Health and Freedom” conferences, but Flynn has now dropped any pretense and named it after “The Great Awakening” which has been a QAnon slogan since the very beginning.

Flynn’s avatar or LARP for QAnon — known as “Q,” posted “Great Awakening” 75 times in “official” Q drops. The first time was #9, posted the day after it started.

Flynn and Putin have been using QAnon for five years to brainwash people into anti-American fascist ideology. For them, this is an existential war against liberal democracy, against freedom as we know it.

Events like this provide even deeper indoctrination and recruiting for Flynn’s Fifth Column as he moves his cult towards mass violence, and Putin commits genocide in Europe.



“Putin’s brain” Alexander Dugin, who is a self-described national socialist (nazi) bolshevik aka a “nazbol” just wrote a book called “The Great Awakening vs. The Great Reset.” Flynn apparently wants his QAnon followers to read a guy who is more extreme than Putin, and believes Moscow should be the capital of Eurasia, and preside as the Third Rome.

h/t @davetroy

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