I am mostly bummedthat I can't post Jim'.s substacks on Twitter & recently StevecJarvis' substack.

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My days on Twitter are officially over. My fourth account, my husbands which he never used l, was suspended permanently. I have no idea why I’m just sick of it and I am done.

Maybe it was my comment about Paul Singer being a rightwinger ownerof Twitter .

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I just asked my remote control for the search for Q on vice TV and it opened right up so I’m gonna watch it now.

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Aug 25, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

A few thoughts: Hope they are not too half-baked. I don't know if Bannon is plugged-in enough to the actual machinations of Putin regime for this to be plausible, but with Bannon's talk of Diem and even more explicit statements suggesting the US "Deep State" may be planning a hit on Zelensky, it almost seems like he's setting up to blame a Russian hit on Zelensky on the US "Deep State". Of course, he wouldn't necessarily have to know that the Russians had such a plan, he could just be surmising that it's a possibility they might do such in retaliation for the hit on Dugina (probably intended for her dad, of course) and figure it would be a good propaganda move to blame it on the US "Deep State" if it ever became an actuality.

Of course, we're all probably suspicious that Putin might be behind the attempted hit on Dugin himself for whatever reason, maybe afraid Dugin is a potential rival from his right (if such exists), or perhaps, as you pointed out, the Russians are now claiming the assassin escaped to Estonia, possibly providing an excuse to do an operation there that could trigger an all-out war.

Hey, I certainly don't want WWIII igniting, not by a loooooooooooooooong shot, eventhough the emergency might allow for the silencing of these Kremlin asset motherfuckers. Of course, that might then lead to violent civil conflict here.

JFC, I can remember identifying with the phrase "Stop the world; I want to get off" since I was a little kid. Maybe because of Vietnam and all the political assassinations during my formative years. I was just starting to feel OK about life in my early 40's, had a couple of kids. They come of age and suddenly the orange turd is deposited in the punch bowl, ruining everything. Garland, please, lock the fuckers up, for crying out loud.

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Aug 24, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

Rad. 👍🏼😁🍿🍻

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