Let’s hope that they can decrypt his phone faster than they did Enrique Tarrio. There’s gold in that phone.

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Lets go! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

I think you are spot-on in terms of saying the whole FBI leadership is suspect. Anti-authoritarian journalist and expert Sarah Kendzior notes Comey and Mueller both have some splainin to do. They’ve both presided over our counterintelligence apparatus that was obviously thoroughly defeated. Both also have specific, difficult-to-explain circumstances surrounding their treatment of Trump-Russia and Russian organized crime. She details a whole host of FBI leadership thats gone on to represent organized crime figures after leaving their FBI posts.

Her recent podcast on these events is worth a listen:

“Traitors in the FBI”


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Jan 30, 2023·edited Jan 30, 2023

One thing that occurs to me - from that

Gaslit nation podcast - Ukraine expert Andrea Chalupa noted the Alfa Bank incident that got buried under the rug in 2016-2017 apparently involved strange DNS network traffic between Russian bank Alfa and Trump Org servers. This was not thoroughly investigated rather tarred as “conspiracy theory” and ignored. She thinks this FBI agent may have been behind this strange reversal.

Could that traffic be related to credit card laundering that Wes Clark Jr from American PysOp talks about regarding getting foreign dirty mob cash into Trump’s campaigns?

no idea, zero know-how in networking.

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So no, Remi Barrette’s data isn’t credit card data.

What is telling about the data set is how linear it was that it is easy to explain exactly what he did and how many emails he sent spam to. It was confirmed to be Spam by Spectrum Health.

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The Alfa Bank Trump Tower hoax was manufactured by Louise Mensch and Remi Barrette AKA conspirator0 on behalf of New Knowledge/Yonder Inc. There are probably others involved.

The data was created by using email address sign ups for spam selling Trump properties.

The data was harvested by Remi Barrette while working his main job as a data security tech for a telecommunications firm, Bell Canada. At some point the manufactured data was pushed to Baker who took it to the FBI. That same Baker then was used by Durham to support his charges against others.

I am still missing that gap of information on the story though I do find it intriguing Baker then went on to represent Twitter as legal counsel.

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Thank you for the info Steven. Trying to piece together this mess is so tricky. Louise Mensch had me believing her garbage at the beginning of this mess, around 2016-2017 until she so obviously flubbed a few stories.

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It really is a convoluted mess.

My secondary reason for getting involved in kicking the hornet's nest with Susan Portnoy and Louise Mensch was knowing Louise was the main disinformation mule pushing the Alfa Bank hoax and I thought I might get her on the record over her efforts.

Now that it is clear she defrauded the US to interfere with a Federal FISA warrant and that ties directly into her work for New Knowledge/Yonder there is really few remaining questions needing to be answered.

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