I read this earlier, and I thought I saw some references to the men's rights groups and the fact that the unbelievably unbalanced power battle between some actress who's not very likeable, and some mega super star Johnny Depp, a man with a staff of 40 and legions of fans who think he is Willy Wonka or a Loveable Drunken Pirate. Poor victim, powerless little old Johnny Depp who recently had to divest in MILLIONS of dollars of his art collection in order to support his cute little self indulgent lifetstyle. Okay. This trial is an infomercial for those weird toxic 'men's rights" groups. Who HATE women because they have to pay alimony or child support. Or they hate the fact that the woman is favored in custody battles.

Like Elon, Johnny has NFTs for sale, too. Stupid: "N/ever F/ear T/ruth" NFTs.

He was one of Fox's most profitable investments when he was that silly skinny cop kid on Fox. wonder if murdoch still loves his boy johhny? Maybe Jerry Hall loves Johnny. Or Texas girl Amber.

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As Flynn is to Jim; I am to Musk. I've been attacked by his bots and cult members for a long time. I'm recently under attack for calling him a war profiteer. He is currently implying that he donated those StarLink terminals to the Ukrainians, when in fact the working class American is paying for them (which I don't have a problem with), as well we paid to launch of ~40 of the satellites that we're going to be launched anyhow. The US tax payer Subsidized SpaxeX from the ground up, and working class people at NASA and DARPA created most of the tech that both SpaceX and Starlink operates on. For that entilted child of an apartheid run emerald mine; to exploit a great time of human suffering, for profit and PR; is just as deplorable Trumps mouth.

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That is godlike productions. I received the message a few years ago that “the entirety of this is designed for you to kill yourself.” It is professional design and methodology. Insidious by intent.

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Those concerns are realistic. Back in early 2017, I believe it was. A Foreign Relations Senate Hearing, then Senator Clair McCascle asked people to call her staff and report such harassment.

I thought of that, us, many of us last night, when listening to her with Lawerance O’Donnel. For any of us that called and listened to her sincere concern, that info is there and been buried under Bannon Shit by design.

Part of the psychological operation is False Memories. It is an very real and insidious methodology.

(Sorry did not feel like fixing typos)

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