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They mention "Stewanon" being defined in Urban Dictionary. Well, SO THE FUCK WHAT? Urban "Dictionary is a crowdsourced English-language online dictionary for slang words and phrases." wikipedia. Typical fucking mind war tactic, create your own evidence and then cite it as if it somehow that legitimates it. So, there's a little discovery, if you can find out who planted that turd in Urban Dictionary. What a m-f'ing joke.

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Greetings Jim:

We live in a human society in which at least 30% of the population is brainwashed. Now, it would be easy to say these people are brainwashed by religion or some other similar trait. Sadly, though, the brainwashed are enticed by a romanticized view of their childhood; when there was a perception of black and white morality. And nothing would change that would affect their lives. Well, none of us can live that way. To cling to a past and tell the gullible that it can be revived is one of the most awful things one can do. For it is not feasible and is counterproductive to the advancement of life.

I think I have mentioned this in an earlier letter, yet one event in the past I would like to reverse and alter would be the burning of the Library of Alexandria. By burning the Library, I mean not just one burning; but the apathy and institutional rot in the centuries from its inception. Corrupted by the need for the state and the church to limit knowledge to only a select few, for the time being. Eventually, the knowledge is buried when the select few are 6 feet in the ground. Just think where we as human beings would be now if the library had never been destroyed. We in our world today would be the world hundreds of years before. Yet the destruction of knowledge is a hindrance of how we are to advance.

Our Library of Alexandria these days would be this very computer you are seeing. Not the computer itself, but rather the information and connections made to present ideas and communicate with others. And yet, people can both weaponize and alter the flow of information and thoughts so that a particular agenda can be presented. I started to see this during the run up to the 2020 Presidential election, when the alt media and Q supporters became overtly religious and uniquely prone to traditionalist Catholic dogma. To a person. Indeed, I had made this known to you and others during that time, which hopefully made you forewarn and understand the threats of religious superstition we had seen. Even so, the threat is still lurking; and at any moment if we are not aware of this problem, this will overwhelm the population. The 30% that needs to be saved from their current brainwashing could easily be doubled.

We are now amid two choices as to how we will move forward in life. Either we regress to a state of religious superstition and indoctrination, which will reverse quality of life. Or we accept newer technologies and seek life beyond our territories. It is our hope that the latter will be chosen.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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Head up high. Proud to reveal the truth in court for all to see. Good luck. From afar, you have my full support.

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We are here for you

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Mike Flynn including StewAnon is top shelf self-own.

When one goes to the Urban Dictionary it says it was created January 5th, 2023 by “StewAnon Researcher”


I’m convinced that this date was well after my articles noting StewAnon matches Doug Stewart who uses Anon accounts.

Why would an alleged victim claim a term from this year by a person engaged in harassment breaking Urban Dictionary rules against targeted harassment, falsely claim this new entry proves anything.

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We are here to support and defend you on a moment's notice. We are witnesses and targets of their viciousness. You need ANYTHING? Just ask, boo. We're just getting started 😉✌️

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Behind you 100%. They picked on the wrong guy.

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Good luck I stand with you. Long, long, long ago in another era, my friend Paulette Cooper claimed Scientologists were waging a harassment campaign against her for writing an early negative article. She said they stole her personal stationery and contact book and wrote to all the men that the state authorities said she had to inform them she had venereal disease. It was a terrifying time for her. But she prevailed in the case! The FBI would later raid the offices and find a "Paulette Cooper Harassment " file. I wish you strength and courage to continue your important work.

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