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Greetings Jim:

How can you tell if a conservative is a hypocrite? Well, certainly if they are a man who rails against crimes against humanity (read: children) and yet they are fathers of multiple daughters. Often, these Republican white males with multiple daughters have incest relationships when no one is around to stop them; and they threaten their daughters with renouncing them or worse. The problem is not anyone wants to call these Q Republicans out on their lust for their female offspring. I, if given the chance, would expose them. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) has 3 daughters; at least one has been given incest treatment, I am sure. Unlike Rep. Banks, I do not have children as of now, and I would do family planning on who we could have and how many and even out the genders.

A conservative is a hypocrite if they talk about medical freedom yet are too selfish to do something beneficial for their health and well-being. You see them often: they mock those like us who have gotten vaccinated, yet these GQP acolytes are quite overweight and take bullshit supplements that do not work. Alex Jones, who once worked out quite extensively, is in the 250-pound category, which is worse than me at my worst. These days, when possible, I go out for walks; and if not able to during the days, I will do extensive exercises. And I just had my second Pfizer booster shot, the first combating newer coronavirus variants. I am still here, are I not? And hopefully smarter and ready for human machine integration.

A conservative is a hypocrite if they espouse family as all important yet have either dysfunctional embarrassments like the Paini family or stick their elderly in nursing homes like what the family of Janice Dean had done to her in-laws. For myself, I do not have family in nursing homes. Indeed, I meet up with both grandparents twice a week at their home. My extended family and I give two Worths about each other; not like the many who complain about measures that need to be taken so that millions can live in the event of potential nuclear conflagration. Something that the people who complain about the coronavirus problems tend to forget when in the Spring of 2020 they were all anxious to get the war against China and the European continent going.

A conservative is a hypocrite when deficits matter until they are leading, in which case they do not matter. Donald Trump, along with the current Republican “leadership,” have no right to complain about inflation and monetary amnesty when they were all for it in 2020. If anything, the GQP are the spindrifts who believe throwing free money at whatever is on the boards will solve anything. Was it not a Republican who cancelled student loan payments and sent out unemployment checks with his own engraved face in 2020 and was looking to do that beyond? Is it not Republicans who ask for more money to be given to a Department of Defense that has more clutter and waste than all other federal, state, and local governmental bodies Combined? As a bonus, the newer conservatives say they are anti-war; yet the sure as cuss like funding wars and dream of when the Colonel (or should I say, General) rules all. Unlike them, I am against the Department of Defense as a matter of policy and diplomacy. Indeed, I would be against any funding of wars and be for funding of multilateral peace missions with international and NGO allies.

A conservative is a hypocrite when they espouse their fairy tale version of American history yet do not even bother to read the fine print. Any time you hear someone like Michael Flynn or any of his Q acolytes speak of the old “founding fathers” chestnuts; just know there is little to no discussions about: the 1778-1781 timeline when the Continental Army were losing unless propped up by France and Russia, the 1781 Treaty of Paris which did not actually solve the independence question and indeed referred to King George III as, and I quote, Prince and Arch-Treasurer of the United States: the Whiskey Rebellion; the War of 1812 and the effective near annexation by the United Kingdom of the United States; much of the domestic agenda prior to the Civil War; much of American history post-Civil War through end of the Wild West era; and even the reasoning of world financial and leadership bodies allowing America to be where it is due to the Federal Reserve creation in 1913 and the involvement of the U.S. Armed Forces during World War I. Indeed, that allowance of American supremacy (not earned as we were taught) is slowly but surely losing its license. The pandemic only shed light on this issue; and hence people chose the WEF as opposed to the USA for leadership. Unlike those conservatives, I have read many different contemporary and retrospective works on these issues. Unlike a select few, I do read, full stop.

A conservative is a hypocrite when they are medical leaders like Dr. David Martin who advocates for population growth. What they and we should be advocating is for the population to shrink considerably. Indeed, the same idea applies to those who are aware of the climate crisis yet will not touch on the one driving constant of global warming: more people in this world in a biosphere with finite resources. Just recently, I have been reading reports on the imminent celebration of baby 8 billion. This is a horrid decision and a milestone not to be celebrated. Indeed, in just 2 years from 2020 onward, the world population has grown from 6 billion to 8 billion. That is 2 billion kids 2 and younger born in just 2 short years. This is horrid, and a clear violation of the tenants of ethics that were supposed to be enacted because of the global introversion that was necessary and may still be necessary due to the Sars-CoV-2 epidemic. I find little to no family planning and selfishness running unabated. We must also know that the bulk of the population over the age of 2 are elderly. There are not enough people to care for the elderly overall. Not to mention the lack of resources available to enact proper care for our elderly. And yet few, excluding the present company, are willing to discuss reductions in the global population. I have long advocated for life planning and determining who can continue to live and whose lives have been deemed well spent on this earth, enough to consider euthanasia.

The next time you or I meet any of these Republican/Q hypocritical mountebanks, mention these dichotomies to them. Then ask them to do something that is equivalent to proving a negative on the ideas we (correctly) have on them. If it must go explicit in personal details, so be it. Yet these people will not end their tyranny of psychological rape until you and I end it. Deep down, there is a little scared child inside these Republican insurrectionists. Find that child and extract the cancerous tumor that is their hatred; so that we can mold these people into different, obedient beings.

The life we have been living could not last forever. It is a wonderful fluke it lasted if it did. - Jack Vance, The Last Castle.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

Watching live pd & a Q worshipper made an appearance tonight. Smashed numerous car windows forcing her family to flee to a hotel. Sad sad sad.

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Nov 27, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

Looking forward to it Jim.

I don't know enough to architect a framework for such things, but if we somehow find one, or aspects of something comprehensive, I'd be more encouraged to take part or find a place where my talents might at least hopefully help somehow. Vision, mission, architect, engineer, implement, maintain. I place high value on pacifism and education.

Go big and provision if possible. You can always resort to your individual plan in most cases. ✊🏼

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