I have asked multiple articulate sources...who and what is Godlike Productions?

I know where and when and how I was hacked.

That I have had to suffer this alone for almost twelve fucking years next month is beyond terror.

Real life and online. I would agree this is mercenary state and corporate terrorism. Always has been.

Mine started with the volumetric dirty filthy bitumen fossilized hate. It appears summing up to the same mercenary methodology. I hope PBS while continue to expose that part.

These were methods employed and seeded! Anadarko even said it aloud to an actual audience of gasp! And BP you fucking British Petroleum Beyond Petroleum fuckers know exactly how you weaponized it.

Get it everyone! This is what the bottom of the barrel dirty energy looks like. Permeated.

Communications is also Critical Infrastructure! Normalizing hate into that Public Trust is the terrorism.

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Apr 28, 2022·edited Apr 28, 2022

Per People You May Know, yes, they even called these methodologies, their Bible:

...As CNBC reported, Range spokesman Matt Pitzarella boasted to the audience:

“[“…looking to other industries, in this case, the Army and the Marines. We have several former PSYOPs folks that work for us at Range because they’re very comfortable in dealing with localized issues and local governments. Really all they do is spend most of their time helping folks develop local ordinances and things like that. But very much having that understanding of PSYOPs in the Army and in the Middle East has applied very helpfully here for us in Pennsylvania.”

[**Listen: MP3**]

At that same conference, Matt Carmichael, External Affairs Manager at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, suggested three things to attendees during his presentation:

“If you are a PR representative in this industry in this room today, I recommend you do three things. These are three things that I’ve read recently that are pretty interesting.

“(1) Download the U.S. Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Manual [audible gasps from the audience], because we are dealing with an insurgency. There’s a lot of good lessons in there, and coming from a military background, I found the insight in that extremely remarkable. (2) With that said, there’s a course provided by Harvard and MIT twice a year, and it’s called ‘Dealing With an Angry Public.’ Take that course. Tied back to the Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency [Field] Manual, is that a lot of the officers in our military are attending this course. It gives you the tools, it gives you the media tools on how to deal with a lot of the controversy that we as an industry are dealing with. (3) Thirdly, I have a copy of “Rumsfeld’s Rules.” You’re all familiar with Donald Rumsfeld – that’s kind of my bible, by the way, of how I operate.”

[**Listen: MP3**]...

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This is a must listen. Dr. Kriel is one of the most articulate people out there with a great voice too. Doing key work. A visionary and a change maker. Jim's input was clarifying and excellent. This interview adds context to the online bullying Jim has suffered and we, his supporters, have been brought to recognize and better understand. Your suffering has served some good purpose, Jim, but I wouldn't wish on anyone the bullying by sociopaths that you've experienced. I couldn't have handled it anywhere near as well as you have.

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Excellent interview. Who are the best lawmakers and anti-extremist groups in America to share this with?

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