Jim, I have an idea for how Elon can pay for those “free” services he’s providing Ukraine. He can just use the $7 Billion dollars in savings he's pocketed from the government subsidies he claims he doesn’t get. https://www.grid.news/story/technology/2022/04/30/elon-musk-hates-the-government-his-companies-love-it/

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Watch, he'll use it as an excuse to stop Starlink...

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The true voter fraud

Greetings Jim:

In the last 2 elections in the US, the Democratic Party managed to allow many of us fellow Democrats to participate in early voting. However, the opposition and Flynn/Q/Traditionalist Catholic movements asked for their supporters to vote on Election Day only. The reason was simple: none of the votes taken before Election Day and in person was going to be counted. And since much of the media fifth columnists are really in the thralls of the current Republican Party; those corporations and participating politicians were going to pull the wool off the public in claiming landslide Republican wins across the board. If you look at certain elections in 2020 and 2021, certain elections that were up until the moment of votes ending claimed as easy Democratic wins turned out to be Republican victories. The most egregious in 2020 was Sen. Susan Collins winning re-election in a race in which she was supposed to lose. Last year, it was Gov. Glenn Youngkin inexplicably getting elected Virginia Governor when he was supposed to lose. As a result, the Democratic nominees including Senate nominee Sara Gideon, Gov. Terry McAuliffe and others took dives in the votes. They did not challenge the fraud that took place. And neither did many Democrats.

Knowing this, I voted for the Democratic nominees on Election Day in person, as I have been doing since 2001 if not earlier. This guaranteed that my vote would be counted. And an insurance policy for at least getting a Democratic President and administration. Had I and others did not do that, history would be different today. As it were, Senate elections on down would have better suited the Democratic Party had Everyone voted on Election Day in person. Not to mention that the Democrats would have committed to not concede all elections. If one side is unwilling to concede, we should not concede either. This will be needed for next month.

It is expected that a few financial and media interests and leaders would prefer the GQP to win every election going forward, starting with the November 8 midterm elections. They are anticipating the Republicans going out to vote on Election Day with their votes counted, and the Democrats and independents voting early and optimally via mail in ballots with their votes thrown away from the start. Once more, let me be clear: no votes taken prior to November 8 and in-person that day will be counted for Democrats and non-Republican nominees. Republicans will get their votes counted, as was done in 2020 and 2021. The fraud is real, and it is and has always been for the benefit of the conservatives. They expect and might have enticed certain Democrats to cave and pre-concede early. It says something that only 1 Democrat, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), has and continues to not concede any results that will not be in his favor. That shows bravery; more than I can say for others. Personally, any fellow Democrat who will concede an election which is supposed to go in their favor (which is many) will be suspect of throwing an election financially.

So, we have established the need to vote in-person on Election Day. What is also needed is for each Democrat and independent to vow to not concede the elections should they be declared losers. As of now, I do not see the political party I belong to willing to go after the fraud that is taking place. This is wrong and allows people who will not concede the election to be looked at as the winner prior to the day of the decision. In short, the Arizona race for Governor might go to the deranged Republicans if the more decent Democrats in Arizona also say something to the effect of “I will not concede this election and I will not accept any results unfavorable to me.” If this upsets the voters, so be it. The greatest of leaders do not give a worth about feelings and minor issues the “people” want to discuss. These leaders tell their voters what is important to them and that is final. And it is those leaders who will be elected easily. In this year, any candidate that espouses inflation and the need for more tax cuts as the most critical issue is one who should not be trusted, nor voted into office. It is selfishness writ large, and it is not tolerated.

We do this, and we can be assured that the Democratic majority will stay and increase. Beat our opponents in their own game. Otherwise, it is all for nothing.

There is nothing so dangerous as an ignorant and frightened man. - L. Sprague De Camp, The Great Fetish.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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Oct 16, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

She’s about as obvious as “Syrian girl” and Gaytandzhieva! There was a stupid Twitter fight over her a few months ago.

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