Misplaced Youth

Greetings Jim:

The most significant eras of my existence have been with people older than me. Even now at my age, I still feel more inclined to be with older people. I say this because, even though I am 40, I do not feel like I am nearing middle age. One thing I have also noticed is that more people are living longer lives and have better enhancements in quality. Unfortunately, we are seeing a growth in worldwide population which translates to a greater youth culture that could, but hopefully will not, be dismissive of the older generation. The Robert Thron-Samuel Z. Rakoff movie Wild in the Streets (1968) puts the idea of untamed youth culture to its nadir when Christopher Jones’ character Max Frost is himself considered “old” by a few pre-teens men with the now infamous ending line “we are going to put everybody over 10 out of business.” Now again, one would think that more people living longer lives will mean that ageism would be negated. A phrase I would agree with is “I am not getting older; I am getting better.”

And yet, we see what is going on particularly with Democratic and independent leaders who are still actively engaged in government and influencing others. You are experiencing this as well. Calls and requests for the resignation of Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) have been ongoing, which at the least is sexist and ageist. This despite Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) being the same age and with a longer Senate tenure. President Joe Biden is considered too old, and yet most other leading figures for the Republican Presidential Primaries are not that far behind. In fact, one of the fringe candidates, Vivek Ramaswamy, is advocating for the raising of the age of voting to 25. So, he is old at heart, if not actually old in age. That plan could also backfire in ways both obvious and subtle. The subtle way is to expand the lack of voting eligibility to anyone who does not belong to the civil service or military service. That, of course, would disenfranchise the older population.

You can think of more ways to negate the section of the citizenry that is committed to voting. Each way allows for more of the same issues we are seeing with older people being swayed by conservatives to vote against their interests. And with each time this happens, resentment between generations widens. What is needed is for the youth and the impressionable to understand the value of age and wisdom. That is clear as day to me and to you. One day, the young will be old. It is better to understand this now than to have it understood when it is late.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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Same as before. We have your six.

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Thanks Jim for being so dedicated and caring about all of us and our democracy. Here to support...

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So grateful and proud of you. Carry on, brah 😉

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