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The QFO/5D/5G/Ascension Cult Preparing People for Mass Death

#PastelAnon #QFOAnon

While I put a lot of focus on the overtly neo-nazi strains of the anti-democracy insurgency, it’s important to recognize that the fifth column recruits people through numerous rabbitholes and honeypots. Like this.

“GalacticJack” is a pure disinformation account that is gaslighting its 29k followers into believing the world is about to end — but don’t worry because as long as you believe the fascist cult doctrine you will be fine. We’re “bifurcating” because the Galactic Council said so and the good people will go on the good timeline and the bad people not so much. Sound familiar?

GalacticJack is part of the UFO cult that has endorsed Mike Flynn.

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
UFO Cult Leader Kabamur Taygeta Endorses Flynn
TW: Suic*de “Kabamur Taygeta” is a dangerous UFO cult leader intentionally creating the conditions for his followers to commit mass suicide. Today, he endorsed the worst traitor in American history…
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Here are some related Telegram channels. Note that all of this is infused with theosophy and “I AM” cult propaganda.

Don’t worry about all the mass violence kids, we’re just “upgrading.” 😑

Mike Flynn has numerous connections to the “I AM” cult including deceptively causing a Christian audience to recite a heretical “I AM” cult prayer in a church.

Of course YouTube is fine with Ismael Perez gaslighting his subscribers into a woo woo End Times UFO suicide cult.

This strain of propaganda is targeted at young adults who get sucked in through New Age/New Thought/Yoga/Theosophy cults into fascist beliefs. Unfortunately this has captured a large audience and they are currently being trained to get used to the idea of mass death.

Propagandists like Ismael Perez are intentionally capturing young minds so they will be ready for war. Against the United States of America.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
Jim Stewartson