Hmm, this seems related to Putin and their new agey "noosphere" claptrap about the world evolving. Dave Troy has posted a lot about it on Twitter.

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I was disturbed when I saw in the benefits info of my sons new job with a healthcare company a section with aps and stuff and there was one labelled "Evolution and Ascension" I forget the name of the company. But I looked into it and it appears to be a company that makes scheduling and time management aps, not some New Age cult thing. Phew!

It's funny I remember back in like the 80s a lot of conservative Christians were attacking New Age as being related to occultism and fascism. I've only realized recently that they were not all that wrong about that. It's horrifying that QAnon seems to have successfully coopted both New Age a fundamentalist Christians. Quite a trick.

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Oct 25, 2022·edited Oct 25, 2022

Evangelicals have a long held belief that Catholism is 'evil', or insert whatever satanic panic you need to, because 'Catholics worship idols' or icons of saints. Evangelicals also held the practiced belief that astronomy was 'insert whatever satanic panic you need' - once covered many New Agers.

In other words, this 'trick' has been quite the mindfuck - or, more-so, the same debate from Marx toward Hegel.

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Oct 24, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

I've been in video production for over 30 years. Over the past few years, I've discovered countless YouTube channels that have establishment dates between 2019 -2022.

The start dates coincided with the latest right wing major propaganda narrative pushes.

For instance, within a couple days of Rufo going on T Carlson about CRT, anti-CRT YouTube channels started popping up packed with videos on the subject. I believe it was NewsMax that released a 13 volume video series shortly after Rufo opened his mouth. And countless other anti-CRT videos popped up faster than the quantity could have been produced in a few days.

Same pattern for trans narratives, "smart strong women are miserable", wokeism, et al. One anti-independent women channel started up and dropped hundreds of 10-20min. talk show style videos of a twenty-something male and female talking about how horrible feminists are.

Anyway, I suspect the think tanks have a lot of videos in production and standing by for fast dissemination.

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Good eye, Captain

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December 24, 2016. This is the date I reported "abusive post" with the specific "terms and conditions" that were violated/abused regarding the predatory method employed for "pizza gate".

Thank you for also for noticing the specific methodology all the players had employed.

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👀 Really interesting. Thanks for this insight.

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If you like that one, your gonna LUUUV Roger Stone's personal public testimonial of redemption and deliverance by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Where's the vomit emoji? I can't use emojis in these posts? : (

Links below but Readers Digest context before terror-fun.

The purpose of the dark new-agey music Trump started playing at the end of his Youngstown Ohio rally last month I recognized immediately. It was meant to draw a direct spiritual connection from Trump to the now-deceased "modern profit" MAGA-Q credits with prophesizing the rise of Trump, Kim Clement. ("Profit", of course, intentional.)

Not to preach to the choir but Clement is highly loved and revered among Christians, Christian Nationalist, and MAGA-Q'Balls.

Flynn and Stone incorporating Clement-style music into Trump rallies thus cementing a spiritual bond from Trump to God through Clement is propaganda turned up to 11.

The raised arm and pointed finger? Not QAnon WWG1WGA symbology.

The Five-Fold Ministry uses the fingers of the hand as a pneumonic to remember the foundations of the ministry. The pointer finger?


Here are a few delightful links...

Roger Stone finds God. Skip to time code 00:25:25:00 for the beginning of the interview.


Clement's prophecy events with mood music.




Giving the finger to America.


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Oct 24, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

This particular form of propaganda is a theory based on both Revelations( New Testament) and Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence). Along with the "Alternative Lifestyle" factors thrown in the mix as well. Very convoluted and difficult for anyone who is not vulnerable to grasp, because it is a version of warped reality.

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