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The Russian “Nazbol” Tens of Millions of American Lemmings Are Following Into a New Holocaust

Mike Flynn is being crystal clear whose blueprint he is following — “Putin’s Brain” Aleksandr Dugin

It is hard to bear the rage and sorrow I feel watching American citizens get indoctrinated into neo-nazi ideology dreamt up by “Putin’s Brain” — ultra-fascist, genocidal Russian white nationalist Aleksandr Dugin. I made this video because I think it is incredibly important that Americans really understand what we’re facing together. A literal Fourth Reich. In America. Right now.

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At this point, Mike Flynn has thrown aside any defense he had that he doesn’t know precisely what he’s doing — which is using Russian propaganda and psyops to lead a pro-Putin, white nationalist fifth column into a civil war with his own country.

To give you an idea of Dugin’s “politics” he founded the National Bolshevik Party which were called “nazbols” for short — literally “nazi bolsheviks.” The red logo was theirs. I added the Nazi Eagle for comparison.

Dugin’s latest book, that came out in March, is called “The Great Awakening vs The Great Reset.”

Mike Flynn’s latest QAnon psyops tour that also started in March is also called “The Great Awakening vs The Great Reset.”

And as I detail in the video, it’s not just the name that’s identical. It’s everything.

From the book description:

Dugin calls upon the inhabitants of the Heartland to relentlessly attack, on all theoretical and practical fronts, the global elites of the coastlands, who try to impose their perverse, anti-human ideals by ruthlessly eradicating the long-standing cultures and traditions of all peoples in the world.

The book is a blatant call for civil war — and Flynn’s tour is recruiting the soldiers to fight it.

Somehow worse, however, is watching people fall for and then parrot back the oldest trick in the book — which is using fake conspiracies to cover up for real ones. This gives cover to criminals, diminishes the harm that’s already been caused, and allows the harm to continue.

For example. While Mike Flynn is a psychopath, he is not crazy. The press should take the time to understand what he is doing right now before spreading misinformation about his mental health.

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The reality is that all of this is part of an actual plan being executed by a real cabal of elitists who want to enslave humanity. The fact that they started a fake conspiracy with a similar plotline to cover it up is absolutely intentional. Goebbels — who Flynn namechecks in the video — was the master of projection.

I have covered the conspiracy itself in many other posts (and former tweets) but here’s a good outline.

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In short, Mike Flynn has been waging irregular, psychological warfare against the citizens of the United States for nearly a decade. The purpose is to weaken and strain American democracy to the point that he and his co-conspirators can incite a conflagration which they believe will lead to their anointment as leaders of whatever is left of the world.

Now Flynn has overtly aligned himself with a literal Nazi who has architected Putin’s atrocities for decades. Why does Mike Flynn still have his freedom much less his stars?

How are we this broken?


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