Trump’s Fears on Parade — “Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia”

No official announcement for POTUS thank god. But he’s making clear he’s all in on white nationalist genocide and Putin.


Gal Suburban and I watched Trump’s speech. It was unusually bonkers even for him. I recorded us watching it for fun. We might start a show called “Mystery Fascist Theater” where we just make fun of nazis.

Anyway, here are a few minutes that is pretty representative of the whole thing. He is very focused on “Russia.” No seriously. To the point that we wonder if he took “Russiagate” documents to his shitty beach motel.

I wrote earlier about my fears that Trump and Flynn are going to join up on the 2024 Traitor Ticket — not as a serious entry into the race, but as a tactic to insert chaos into the process of bringing them to justice.

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After watching the speech with Gal, while Trump made no official announcement, it was a full campaign style speech saying “We will take back the White House in 2024.”

One thing Trump said over and over and over was that “MAGA is the greatest movement in the history of America” which sounded unnecessary and defensive. Maybe Trump is still mad Flynn said it’s a bumper sticker?

MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
FLYNN: "MAGA is a bumper sticker"
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At the end of his speech Trump did a live version of this video which is professionally designed propaganda complete with dark, scary music and imagery.

The most striking part of the speech though was Trump’s furious fist shaking about Russia. He said the word dozens of times, mostly in anger at the press but also very admiringly when it came to “decisive” Putin, “who thinks I’m a genius.”

It could have been a 2016 campaign speech, but with a lot more blinding terror at the likelihood he’s going to prison. They even did “Lock Her Up” and he told the story of how she used “bleach” and “hammers” on her 30,000 emails.

He did 20 minutes of vile transphobia as well which I’m not going to share. But he’s going all the way on the anti-LGBTQ+ hate. Of course he got all the white nationalist “Judeo-Christian” type trigger words in.

We need to get this guy and Flynn off the streets. Now.


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