A new era

Greetings Jim:

It has been a few days since the unexpected death of Queen Elizabeth II, monarch of the United Kingdom. I suppose for many of us, this felt unreal. As if this was never supposed to happen. I know for myself it is getting difficult for me to adjust to saying King Charles III. Nonetheless, this was being planned for the inevitable transition. The role of the House of Windsor has often been to remain more diplomatic and not take controversial stances in the problems that face us. In these days, though, that must change. The world in which we live in is teetering on the brink of collapse. It is now time for monarchial ideas and fundamental principles to be at least considered. When you think of this, it is the nature of humans to want a person that can lead them to their enlightenment. The choice, if you will, is between the mad crazy ruler or the enlightened one. We need to make the correct choice in having enlightened leaders. Now a more actively political British monarchy will lead the way. Others should eventually follow.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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I donated to her campaign even though she's not in my district.

I'm pissed about how Twitter did you both dirty.

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