I was. After My account hacked Twitter tag changed & scary pics added, good Intel folks at first reached out & had it restored - said prince folks had done it

Was trying to change Twitter tag myself when blocked again … then tried ~5 times to log in again. That’s when I was permanently suspension. No reason except they didn’t want info my old account posted on CIA mostly prince DAndrea mike Taylor dewey Clarridge and their ops in Middle East and Boston (lots of info from Bruce Scott)

Account @janforney1 became @8UE93 troll and then was suspended. Definitely think USIC has presence good guys and bad at Twitter support

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I watch you guys all of the time, and appreciate the reporting! Your revelation of the palantir program made a huge difference for us targets in fighting these idiots, and making sure they get what they earned and deserve!

I live at 377 DeBuys rd, Gulfport ms, 39531, surrounded by trash(white, black, Asians and even latinos like me) all in the fusion center’s, police, palantir, and fascist payrolls! They have found a way to use our tax dollars to move every trash from the ghettoes and trailer parks into town to stalk, harass(electronic harassment, noise campaigns, hackings, and even ultra Sonics like those sold in sites like amazing1.com, property protection/ultra Sonics (yes, for rodents now being used against people like me).

I advise you to look up at the investigations being carried out in Brazil right now by the Supreme Court, involving the bolsonaro family, and their “hate cabinet” that operate now(this is from the supreme court’s investigation) from the homes of Carlos and Eduardo bolsonaro, and the presidential palace’s former library, that the First Lady emptied of the books and moved in super computers to operate these fake news hits), their investigation also attest that twitter (maybe banned from Brazil for it), Facebook, google, Microsoft, ibm and all tech platforms and specially whatsup are all involved in bias practices to silence the left and push the fascist right!

Palantir is now operating world wide, and was being used under Obama also! And Biden didn’t stop it neither!

My name is part of a list of over 100.000 Brazilians that Eduardo bolsonaro gave to Steve Bannon to add to an anti fascist list for targeting worldwide! I was followed by military/fbi looking us personnel all of the way to Brazil and targeted there by the white trash evangelicals of my family, and the protestants under the “Family”, abin(Brazil’s fbi), militias, criminals, etc for three months there.

I was chipped in my gums by an old lady dentist her in Gulfport ms, dr Theresa Jones and chipped in my arm in Brazil by a pharmacist cousin of mine while sleeping in his home! These people are pass sick fvckers!

Believe me that stasi have been here for over 10 years now, our fusion centers are running it throughout the world and they are the ones supporting the fascists worldwide! The reason why the left is targeting you and others here, is because even though peter thieu, Flynn, Bannon, trump, the gop are all involved with the fascism here, all 43.000 us billionaires and millionaires are doing the same in the world, Dems and republicans!

The reason the dems aren’t pushing back is because they are afraid Americans will find out that what these idiots are doing here, they are just applying the same the USA have been doing in the world and they don’t want that to come out!

Obama, said in his book he was apprehensive about the revolution in Ukraine, because it would bring to power the Nazi and fascists(who were the only

Political parties left purposely by Putin there, for when the us pushed the revolution), but Obama said he had to go along with the revolution because “the machine can’t be stopped”! That’s the sad reality!

Under Obama the USA used law fare(corrupt judges, prosecutors, politicians hired by the us cia, fbi, nsa, state dpt and doj to falsely remove presidents, with hackers planting false evidence, in Brazil alone the USA paid 26 billion dollars to buy them and bring down the government that quadrupled our economy. But, it paid off because the USA have so far stollen 8.3 trillion in our oil, destroyed our construction, marine industry, architecture, causing 4.4 million to be unemployed and robbed over 1/2 of our gdp in 5 years!

The same was done to:

Honduras, 2009 coup

Argentina, 2016, law fare

Paraguay, 2011, law fare

Peru, 2012, law fare

Brazil, 2016, 2018 law fare

Chile 2016, law fare

Ecuador, 2017, bought the corrupt president

Attempted coups in Venezuela, 2002, 2017, 2018 with the gatinhas that burned people alive!

Attempted coup in Nicaragua, 2018, with 300 dead!

Coup in Bolivia in 2019!

Cambridge analytics was involved in the corruption of the elections in Guatemala, El Salvador and Uruguay, along with the pay PsyGroup personnel (they are still working as consultants) around the world!

I supported Obama, and Biden after Bernie was robbed against trump, but the reality is that the USA have been destroying every democracy in the third world to rob them, Dems and republicans alike, Jimmy Carter was the only one that tried to export this so called “Us democratic values”, and they destroyed him for it!

If the USA can’t bring the progressives to power soon, the USA will become even more fascist than it already is! And believe me that all of these platforms, all corporations, millionaires and billionaires are behind this stasi state, it has nothing to do with left nor right, it’s about 43.000 millionaires/billionaires losing 3/4 of the world trade to China because China is not running a “predatory landing system” and robbing countries as we do! So, they can now only rob us, and they will do it, the fascism, the corruption, the corrupt institutions, police and fusion centers, infragard, are already in place!

FOLLOW THE CORRUPTION AND THE MONEY “AROUND THE WORLD”, and you will see there is no right, no left, they rob together, and we are there targets now!

My phone number is 2282570986, although it rarely ring, since they use sting rays here, or my wife’s 5044788112!

Love the podcast!

Be safe!

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Hey Jim! I’m sorry to here about your suspension, I have had several accounts banned by twitter, i’m One of the millions now targeted by the “palantir” program of Peter thieu in the USA, and it’s global!

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I was. And I agree-

I was suspended after Eric prince /cia mike d’andrea people hacked my old account - they changed handle to @8UE93 from @janforney1 inserted scary imagery

Good Intel guys helped restore account, after many messages to Twitter support as well - so yes, they had active contact. Then Twitter blocked me again.

This time after I tried logging in about 5-6 times they ‘determined’ I was evading their ban - and permanently suspended my Data Intel and fact laden. account. Haven’t had heart to repost much - just pieces

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Jan 15, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

It’s ok to share this on twitter?

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Are you permanently suspended for ban evasion

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Comment deleted
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