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Video Challenge: Demon Sperm Lady at Flynn's QAnon Tour w/Special Guest

I dare you

Sometimes, when watching a series of psychotic, brainwashed grifters spew disinformation into the minds of boomers in order to reindoctrinate them into a genocidal mindset and prepare them for a violent insurgency, you have to have a little fun. This video is from today’s installment of Mike Flynn’s QAnon psyops tour.

ICYMI, Stella Immanuel, as ridiculous as she is, is a very dangerous propagandist who uses her… talents to create a syncretic hodgepodge of apocalyptic Christianity and whatever the hell this is. Feel free to download and share if you wish to inflict this on anyone else. 😬

If you can make it through the first two minutes — and how can you not when I have provided her such a righteous soundtrack — she is joined by a very, very special guest at the end.

While it’s important to make fun of fascists and unmask them for who they are, this meme really could not be more appropriate here. The absurdity is the point.


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MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy
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