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Greetings Jim:

The American people suffer from selective amnesia as Gore Vidal used to say. Rarely will they remember the actual history, ancient and recent, of their own selves and the world in which we all live in. When I was younger, the lack of foresight in altering history was in the times before we were born. These days, the unsuspecting public are being told by right leaning propogandists, among them Tucker Carlson, to not believe their own ears and eyes and only trust the new fairy tale practitioners depicting us as evil and Donald Trump and Co. As gods. Just a little under 48 hours (about 2 days) ago, I came across a statement from a newer Republican figure whose name escapes me blaming President Joe Biden for the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns and responses. This nincompoop believes and allows for others to believe that we were under lockdowns under the Biden Administration.

Well, that did not happen. However, there was a near yearlong lockdown under Pres. Trump. Indeed, it was under the Former Guy and his people that we had 15, excuse me, 45 days (about 1 and a half months) to flatten the world and reduce the population. And it was Donald Trump that added another 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) to enact this monstrosity. As I told you earlier, that time was used to get us into a war against China at the least. I do not need to tell you how the rhetoric ended, just that the needs of many will outweigh the needs of the few or the one. And yet, it is the ones like Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) who are punished for using realpolitik in bringing back the social lives of us. Well, this idea of shaming and exile seems not to be working if I have anything to say about it. Indeed, Gov. Cuomo’s recent initiatives on supporting Jewish communities has seen criticism from political figures that should be our allies. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) comes to mind and makes one wonder if it would have been best to have Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) keep her seat in a merged district. A sobering thought on a Jewish man and his feelings about fellow Jews. And by extension, this shows that our fellow Democrats are more willing to be the opposition as opposed to the leadership.

There is in the coming days an opportunity for our leaders to do something of importance in ensuring that what happens now will prevent a repeat of past failures. A formal accusation against Donald Trump on whatever can be found would be worth the while in putting to bed any potential shenanigans by the GQP and other entities that results in another Trump residency. I do applaud Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg along with NY AG Letitia James in following on their commitments. Now the rest of the country’s Democrats and liberal minded citizenry should do the correct thing and concur with New York Democrats one more time saving the country and the world from destruction from within. I do, however, have my doubts they will stick to the idea. Honestly, a formal accusation before Tuesday would be best and would show we are serious. After what has been done to many of our fellow Democrats who got accused of far less and were cancelled, we deserve to have our own retribution for once. Show leadership and commitment to follow through on this legal matter. We might not get another chance for this to happen.

Yours, sir, if I mistake not, must be a beautiful soul — one full of all love and truth; for where beauty is, there must those be. - Herman Melville, Confidence Man.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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Mar 16, 2023·edited Mar 16, 2023

Axios fired a journalist for speaking truth to power in Florida.

Tried to tell the journalism world ages ago that just leaving legacy media and going to work for Jim VandeHei at Politico or Axios or whatever shady figures run The Intercept, wasn't going to solve their lack-of-a-j-job problems.

Of course, look who runs the Washington Post? Publisher and CEO Fred Ryan. What was his former job? CHIEF OF STAFF for RONALD FREAKING REAGAN.

So, some reporter schlub tweets that Ron DeSantis is spreading propaganda and he is immediately fired for showing bias.

But the publisher of the Washington freaking Post -- arguably the most important media outlet in politics -- is run by a devotee of a top Republican partisan and that's not bias, that's just a smart business decision.

Make it make sense. Oh wait, it won't.

The truth is, at this point, everyone has betrayed journalism. The outlets. The professors. The reporters who took compromised jobs understandably to pay the bills and support the family. Everybody had good reasons, right? But still. Here we are. The fascism is knock knock knocking. These arseholes aren't going to write a 6-part expose and save us. Everyone understands that now, hopefully.

We are here in the times we never thought we would be.

edited to change a word because words still matter until they don't either? i feel like we're almost at the point where even words don't freaking matter. anyone else lol?

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Don't you think Facebook is much worse for radicalizing everyday people? I feel like activists and journalists use Twitter, and those groups are much more likely to be controlled by their leaders, not someone online.

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Let's get louder

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Courage to face this and clearly explicate the meaning of these problems is a significant service to our society. I hear how deeply painful and troubling this war is for many people who are struggling to fight disinformation and engage in the battle against fascism and Nazism. I’m not on the inside but I’m with you and grateful for your messages.

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Literally Nazi recruitment: this tweet was posted on January 19. Many people have reported it and yet it’s still up:


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Jeez, is Leah McElrath an asset? ugh, that would make me very sad. I hope you are fully recovered from Covid. And much gratitude for your voice for our democracy. really, thank you, thank you.

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