I’ve started five companies. Started web programming in 1994. I was the first person to make a 3D game on the web in 1996. I won a Primetime Emmy for Original Interactive Content in 2012. I have two Grand Prix CyberLions from Cannes. I have 8 patents. I worked at Google/Niantic while Pokémon Go was being made. I’ve been pioneering VR, AR and AI technology for a long time.

I also helped invent alternate reality games (ARGs) for entertainment which were perverted into industrial brainwashing machines like QAnon. I know how it works because I was there when things like Q were made for fun, not for hurting people.

I also have a podcast called Radicalized: Truth Survives. Please check it out.

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Writing, research and podcast for understanding and resisting the propaganda, psyops and malicious actors assaulting global liberal democracy. #IAmAntiFascist


Anti-disinformation activist
OSINT Investigative Researcher Areas of focus: Public Corruption, Politics, Religion, Campaign Finance, Disinformation, Extremism Purpose: Learn, Inform, Empower, Rise