Appreciate the info, Jim. I have requested mine. I often wonder if I should make my little account private, but by doing so, I miss out on opportunities to connect with different people.

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Good point Paulina. Consider all of the different cultures and ethnicities of Radicalized: Truth Survives many guests. Jim, Heidi, High Fidelity, and Sean Conner are open-minded individuals who don't agree on everything - who does?- but they agree on fighting for Democracy. I haven't watched every episode, but Jason Stanley was extremely impressive.

Going to check on my Account in a little bit. What a mess.

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Oct 27, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

Thank you for the advice. I haven't been on twitter for some time now, however my account is still active. KatheO was right. A new regulated - to some extent - social media platform is needed.

The U.S. Government must start to take action against Twitter/Elon : Prosecute the suicide trolls, those targeting the children and the vulnerable, those spreading mis/disinformation, those targeting people who are brave and empathetic enough to tell the Truth. That's a start at least. Silicon Valley has been manipulated for decades. Is Elon's brother or mom on the board?

"Lord of the Flies".

I also believe we will get through this.

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