The feckless ones

Greetings Jim:

The trajectory of 2020, and by extension our perspective in life, would have been far different had leaders in numerous fields been elected by people who are so stupid, I cannot say how stupid they are in this email. When you consider the time and the circumstances, who really won the 2020 Presidential Election? If you are saying President Biden or Resident Trump, you would be wrong. The winners were: Dr. Anthony Fauci MOF, Sir Bill Gates MOF, Dame Melinda Gates MOF, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), Chris Cuomo, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Pope Francis, The Atlantic and the Jobs Foundation, George Monbiot, and the now King Charles III alongside the Royal Family. This is amongst others like Albert Boula and the leading pharmaceutical companies. The losers if you will, were Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret. AKA Q), Raymond Cardinal Burke, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, certain financial and social leaders who did not make known their endorsement and henceforth voted Republican, much of the Democratic Party who were in on the take to be like the Washington Generals, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the war party. Among others, as you know. But you say, not one of these people was on the ballot for the top prizes! That is precisely the point: apart from you and a small coterie of Democratic leaders and fighters, the global public square and our financiers rejected hopefully for the last time voting for people who are faces yet do not have the capability to lead. I think back to Sec. Of State Dr. Henry Kissinger in his comments on the Pinochet coup against the Allende government in Chile back in 1973. I am paraphrasing, yet he said, albeit wrongly, that the issues were far too complex and global for Chileans to vote on their own needs and issues vis a vis global matter.

And there is a foremost issue many Americans have no understanding about that will affect us all. That issue is the ongoing climate breakdown. It would take a while to explain these issues in an email, so I will just give you an idea. We are now amid the Christmas/Holiday season. It is a time for reflection, family, and friends, and really staying home. The main fulcrum of this holiday period is snow. Or, it would have snowed had the world population cooperated. I live in New York, which is currently in a cold spell yet is not yet snowing apart from Buffalo. We here are hopefully going to be partaking in a white Christmas if plausible. Much of the US, however, will not be. In short, Christmas/Hannukah/Thanksgiving among other holidays have little meaning when the temperatures and climate are hot. A hot climate led to behavioral problems and reckless behavior. That in turn leads to malfeasance and instability, and finally human ruin with no chance of gaining admission to what awaits when we leave this world. When the climate is cold and snowy, stability, reflection, and intelligence is given the utmost importance. Along with life extension, and more of a chance to bring new life to the world in a timely manner and with reason. It is not feasible to do anything of this nature when it is hot, where there is a greater likelihood of harassment and violence. You cannot, for instance, ruin the life of someone from the opposite sex when the snow is falling worldwide.

Unfortunately, a few voters in various locations feel otherwise. They are obviously wrong, and not very bright in their reasoning. This harms all of us. Now, take this observation and look at the coronavirus pandemic. Had not the decision to adhere to people who know better than many been successful and leading to a Biden Presidency and a Democratic leadership where it matters; we would be in lockdown still at best without vaccines. And for me, I would not have a niece and nephew. Yet that is an opinion and matter. It was letting better people assume leadership that allowed us time to do better and live within our means. I cannot trust the population to vote for their own decisions without the insistence of more intelligent people to give the more egalitarian option. So, unlike the Flynn/Q complex who are now bemoaning the results of the Arizona election in which Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) was reelected and Gov. Katie Hobbs (D-AZ) was elected; I am okay with the results favoring the Democratic Party by either public vote and/or manipulation. The directive to focus (in all caps) is to brainwash the young and impressionable through the means of the true face of this movement: the Traditional Catholic mindset. By way of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (or FOCUS). I will have these Donald Trump and Mike Flynn supporters know that their adherence to right wing religious dogma will not save their souls and minds when, in the event of climate breakdown, our Creator rejects their entrance to the other realms outside of life. Because that will happen.

These coming days and weeks will be decisive in making certain that the world population know what is at issue for themselves and their descendants in continuing to live on this planet. I would suggest removing the right-wing echo chamber and replacing it with access to newspapers like the Guardian. Maybe even take the necessary step to either liquidate and/or nationalize Twitter. Do that and watch the educational deficient become smarter and thoughtful instantly. Who knows, someone will have the needed skills to have the world go snow and cold. I just hope the pathway forward is not nuclear winter.

Darn it all, we are going to have to cancel Operation Recolonize. So uh, just stay the course, um... Rather than try and fix this problem, it will just be easier for everyone to remain in space. - Fred Willard, Wall-E.

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,

Robert Kelly

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Musk let project veritas back on ๐Ÿ™„

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"hall monitor" = "non narcissist"

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They're gleefully choking us to death. We are the fkn RESISTENCE. We've been preparing. Slava America!!

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