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Right now the journalism world loves Will Sommer.

Reminds me how they loved Glenn Greenwald. Until they woke up and it was too late. They haven't apologized for that, have they? No, they just lay off anyone who remembers so they perpetually have a 19-year-old staff who's gung-ho but has no institutional memory.

Glenn Greenwald is still holding a Pulitzer Prize for lies. It should make the journalism world FURIOUS. But no, they just condemn reporters like Jayson Blair.

We see you, journalism.

Yeah, this is why we unsubscribed from Qanon Anonymous. They're so smart and so lucid...until it comes to the specifics that might make all of this less than funny. Then it's all a big joke. Such a strange mix of naivety and wisdom there. It doesn't add up. (eta, grammar and spelling. we miss a copy desk.)

One more thing: Any journalist-type who is milking current events for laffs instead of warning folks of imminent danger is not a journalist. Which means we don't have many journalists left. Y'all here are journalists. Thank you.

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Who pays Stewart and his gang?

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I read the whole thread this morning. That was some weak ass LARPing 🤦‍♀️. Not going to lie, I expected better from Doug.

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Mar 2, 2023Liked by Jim Stewartson

“ IDF special forces asshole“, I didn’t know that was a thing.

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😂 he got the asshole part right

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