They think they are so smart. But actually they suspect you to do the same shit they practice. Like Goebbels (nazi propaganda chief) they accuse their opponents of all the crimes they are guilty of themsleves.

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Mar 6, 2022·edited Mar 6, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

There’s something deeply weird about kassandraseven’s behavior. Just pure projection. She just tweeted about “DAVRO”. That’s exactly what she does. I followed her on Twitter a few years ago, and she needlessly argued with people back then, which she will say is a lie. Pedantic. Always correcting. Bossy. Arrogant. Her behavior, at least on Twitter has always been like this.

This tweet just blew me away. Total projector, imo. https://twitter.com/kassandraseven/status/1500472907943890945?s=21

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Att Trolls:

Check your source isn't drunk BEFORE publishing.

#MissingCheckGate lol

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Mar 5, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

LOL what’s up, Kassandra? Saw you & gang (I’ll use your language) “looking like fools all over the internet”


What happened? Can’t admit you’re wrong or … DELETE like you demand others do…constantly, when they make errors?

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