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These asses fucking piss me off. Period. How the actual FUCK do any of these fools know what I, or anyone that subscribe to this Substack think, do or believe IRL? Oh? They DON’T. Fucking offensive as hell.

Further, for “anti-QAnon/disinfo” people, to say “ @janbobrowicz@QOrigins Jim and the people

who worship him have a deep, quiet hostility

towards gays that surfaces again and again” is not only offensive and vile, isn’t that *conspiratorial* & because it’s based on, well, I don’t fucking know, a couple of tweets? Guessing—*presuming*? Gee, isn’t that WHAT QANON DOES?

These fools are obvious and bad-faith actors. END OF STORY. KassabdraSeven, who o repeat, we used to follow one another on twitter and DM, her *behavior* was always combative. Because she deletes tweets, switches handles (again, I’ve caught her red-handed), while I can’t prove that is how she hasn’t been suspended, it’s a data point, at least for me, to just bookmark. And BTW, she HAS had an account suspended, she will deny it, but that’s a FACT.

I don’t know what is going on with her, I just know that her behavior on Twitter has always been mean and she has always looked for an argument. Gee, seems to me, constantly *replying* on threads of folks she name-searches that have blocked her to harass the people commenting on the OP’s thread, might be a violation of TOS. But what do I know, I’m sure her pal, expert, “conspire0” (spelling?), would have an issue with that kind of repeated behavior, no? LMAO

These ppl are liars, bad-faith and it’s obvious. And weird, Nicole and that “Magic” person, WHAT HAPPENED? Your SF School board effort with the ineffective Our Revolution SF not work out? I invite ppl to read about what actually happened in SF and that recall — JUST SAYING. The person that was recalled — well—as a mom, I’d be beyond troubled, but that’s just me. LOL . And, some D+20 seats aside, The Bernie movement, Our Rev, Justice Dems, DSA etc HAVE NEVER FLIPPED A RED SEAT TO BLUE. It’s a fucking failure and an embarrassment.

And Nicole, your behavior is combative and ridiculous . Forget Jim, I watched it in real time *with others*. Just obnoxious LMFAO.

“Experts” (what are the official credentials??), like Mike R, “Travis View”, all of them, are what? You got to 8 Chan or whatever first? GTFO.

The majority of you downplayed— made fun of ppl concerned about Russian interference. Are pals with others that view that issue in the same way, well, as we are now seeing with Ukraine, with what Putin has done, between 2014 and taking over Crimea, the disinfo around that, BREXIT, the involvement in that, Hillary Clinton and hacking emails (DNC, then Podesta), using Wikealeaks, etc, — to weaken the EU, weaken the west, help Trump win (he said he was going to pull us out of NATO), on & on & on. You all look RIDICULOUS now.

I get it. Bernie-aligned people —or ppl that are to the left of “the establishment” thought “Russiagate” was Hillary making excuses for her loss. I swear, all of you look so loud and fucking wrong. Did Putin create Qanon? No. Did he use social strife to amplify tensions? Yes. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, all of you are liars so whatever.

You know, there are ppl on twitter I don’t agree with, ppl with Substack accounts I don’t like—just move the fuck on; keep scrolling, LMAO

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Agree., f** ridiculous. And sloppy too.

'Thank you for reporting this to us. We have been made aware of this account and are investigating for potential violations of the Twitter Rules. '


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Damn, Jim, you kept right up and spewed shite flowing out of that pathetic fkn troll like a true rapper. Good job. You make me laugh. Keep revealing their utter stupidity and yes, weirdly, arrogance. If only they'd just shut the fuk up, eh? Enough gibberish brainless vomit. Exhausting

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Mar 23, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

Another expert researcher.

When criminal, cult, perpetrator ... isn't cutting it, you can tweet the following:

'Jim and the people who worship him have a deep, quiet hostility towards gays that surfaces again and again'

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lmfao. please don’t give them ideas.

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Mar 23, 2022Liked by Jim Stewartson

Lol. They come up with this all on their own.


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JFC. I mean, this dink is accusing ME of being loose with facts? “Surface again and again?” Uh… You have to show once first.

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