I received a weird virtual Cease and Desist type warning with that person's name in it, in my substack replies. it was signed at the bottom of the post "Jan Bobrowicz" saying that since I liked posts with that name in it and replied to them and on which dates. That I would be liable for some unnamed thing. When I said I was fine with mediation it told me that I should just know that something yadda yadda looks really bad. That's all in public in my replies to my substack articles which have nothing to do with any of them.

I also have ones referencing a nicole and some other people by strange generic accounts in those replies on this platform. The group that wrote them were targeting all of us and mentioning you. Some run Kofi that mention you AND your readers or listeners.. I have screenshots in recent media on my twitter that show what I mean. I also have shots in that media feed of them saying they will explicitly target your fans too. Also they announced creating a scrape of our feeds all to one place for the purpose of harassing each fan. (who has been stalked or trolled by them or who they intend on undermining or violating) It wasn't that recent so I just retweeted the media ones.

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I haven't received anything from her. However, I just had about a year old thread about you go by in my mentions with someone new liking it a couple days ago. And that led me to a thread about you they have going that I'm sure you've probably seen. (Talking about Stewanons as usual.) I thought that was odd...

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