How would "devolving into anarchy" be different from what we are experiencing now via stochastic terrorism? Will Flynn's acolytes take to the streets and murder pedestrians at random? Will they start committing arson on their neighbors' houses?

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The people who urged you to subscribe to your local newspaper to save democracy! -- without informing you that their employer was cutting staff to the bone, eliminating local coverage of state houses and police departments and filling the ever-shrinking newsprint with aggregated crap not important to your lives -- aren't warning you about the threat of rising autocracy?

Huh. Whoda thunk it.

Journalists are fucking liars and I should know.

Just use them when you have to but don't trust any of them.

And don't ever think they're crusading truth-tellers who will support your cause and bring justice. Sometimes that happens by happy coincidence. But they're serving some strange masters who ain't you. And your low-level reporter will never acknowledge that but instead blather on about truth and the public's right to know and yada yada. OK.

ETA: *insert gif of Jennnifer Lawrence for correct vibe here

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I can’t help but think of 9/11 & how united we all were. You couldn’t buy a flag bc they were all sold out. Tons joined the military. Weird cuz you’d think Covid or a President that attacked his own citizens, committed espionage, led an insurrection to overthrow our democracy might have that effect. But nope they had to make sure the United States wasn’t in fact united by fucking with peoples amygdala’s.

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All of them, save Eric Prince, were convicted and then pardoned by trump. Can they be retried?

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Jim. this was unique. I was "allowed" to hear your clips of flynn ranting about not having an election. In the past was booted out. The chilling effect of his message is deeply disturbing. The NYT is WTF.

thank you again. I'm sending to others....

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