Sitemap - 2022 - MindWar: The Psychological War on Democracy

The Greatest Own in History: #PizzaTate

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Elon Musk’s Eugenicist, Anarcho-Communist, Technocratic Sci-Fi Cult

Happy Holidays! 💙🌲🕎

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The Red-Brown Heart of the Problem

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The Great Gaslight: J6 Committee Contributes to an Alternate Reality

Atomwaffen Offshoot Takes Credit for Infrastructure Attack

Radicalized Episode 54: Lethal Injustice with Juan Botero

Burn Notice: Eric Garland is Working for Holocaust Denier Chuck Johnson to Infiltrate the Left 🚨

Hey J6 Committee: Who Are the “Others?”

Zoom Watch Party - J6 Committee Hearing - 10AM PST / 1PM EST

Erdogan ❤️ QElon

Divide and Conquer: The Tech Bro Plan to Eliminate American Sanity

Mike Flynn’s Embarrassing “Q” Moment: “Are we live?”

Rebekah Jones’ Account Restored

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Flynn Drops a Dirty Bomb on America 🚨

Inflicting Stupid

QElon’s QAnon Rabbithole Explained

QElon’s War On Empathy Will Lead to Genocide

Satanic Cult Leader Social Engineers

#QElon is Rebuilding 8chan Because He Wants a New Alt-Right

Musk Targets Twitter Employee for Pizzagate Treatment 🚨

StewAnon Hate Cult Conjures Capitalization SCANDAL

“TwitterFiles2” Propaganda Accidentally Confirms Everything 🚨

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Flynn’s “I AM” Cult Based on Pelley’s “Silver Shirts”

There Is Nothing “Neo” About These Nazis

German QAnon Coup Plot

Radicalized Pod Episode 52 w/Jack A. Bryan from “American Psyop”

Nazi Plan to Attack the CO Electrical Grid in 2020 Mirrors the Sabotage in NC

When Billionaires Attack: Hitler, Hunter’s Dick Pics and the End of the Republic

Elmo Does Wikileaks: “THE TWITTER FILES”

Elmo ❤️ Daily Stormer

Remi Barrette Bullshits Noah Shachtman at Rolling Stone

Joe Flynn’s Crime Against Humanity

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Dear Controlled Opposition

Ye Praises Hitler — The Cult Erupts With Joy

Thanks Everyone 💙

Auditioning to be a Nazi on Telegram

Flynn Shares Aquino’s MindWar with Propagandists 🚨

Flynn Sticks Up for the Boss 🇷🇺

Building a Civilian Defense for Psyops

Quick Update

📢 Radpod and Chill Special: TONIGHT — Friday 8PM PST / 11PM EST

Andrew Tate: The Misogynist LARP Radicalizing Sad Boys for Dollars

Twisted Insister: Flynn Points QAnon at Arizona on 12/6 🚨

Happy Thanksgiving — No Zoom Today

Flynn Has a New Theory About “Russia, Russia, Russia” and Elections

Elmo is Peak Capitalism

Radicalized Pod — Episode 50 w/Zarina Zabrisky Live from Ukraine

Message for Elmo

OSINT Toolkit: How to Spot Your Personal Hate Cult

We Have to Talk About “Psyops”

Remi Takes His Own Medicine 😂

Elmo is Afraid of Mastodon

Hate Machine: Colorado Springs

ElonAnon — The Messianic 4chan LARP Controlling Your Mind - w/Gal Suburban

Yoel Roth, You Did This

Dear Special Counsel Smith

🚨 How the NAR is Creating American ISIS Through Flynn’s “5th Generation War”

St. Elmo’s Dumpster Fire

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Twitter Is a Zombie That Wants to Eat Your Brains

The Zooming Shall Continue Until Morale Improves 😂 - Tonight! 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Flynn Rallies Digital Soldiers for “5th Generation Warfare”

Schrödinger’s Coup

Imagine Being Mike Pence

Just a Note About Madison Headroom

Chaos 2.0

Mike Flynn Ordered to Testify in Georgia 👀

Gratitude and a Favor

Poland: Heads Up

UHH… Is TFG Going to Announce a New Party? 👀

Mike Flynn’s Biggest Fear

RadPod Exclusive Interview: Time to Win the War with Fred P. Wellman

MBZ — The Man Behind Erik Prince and Telegram is Building a Psyops Army

The Great Finding Out

The World’s Smallest Man

Bannon, Flynn and Poso: “I’m not freaking out, you’re freaking out!!”

“George 2.0” 😬

“Putin’s Brain” Wants to Kill Him 🤔

Funny Thing About Crypto

“There is hope, people”

Elmo’s Folly

Trump Stole 2018 FL-Gov Election for DeSantis

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🚨 Everett Stern is an Op — Block

Oh no, Yo! 😬

Doom and Zoom - Today 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Democracy Struggles for Breath — Media is Delighted

Arizona: An Experiment in Autocracy

Joe Looks Great — Says Elmo’s Twitter Deal is “Worth Being Looked At” 👀

BREAKING: Elmo’s Big Big Plans 🤣

Run Away! Putin Releases Hilarious Cartoon About Losing Kherson

The Great Awaitening

Red Trickle

Flynnsurrection HQ: How Mike Flynn is Spending Election Night

This is What Happens When There is No Accountability: Trump Lies to Incite Violence

Message for Joe Flynn

Flynn Confesses, Thanks Elmo

Yoel Roth Lies Through His Teeth — AGAIN


Subscriber Chat

Radicalized Pod Episode 48 w/Ruth Ben-Ghiat

PSYOP Storm Warning

“What could possibly go wrong?” — #ChiefTwit stumblefucks through Twitter plans

Trump/Flynn 2023: The Alternate Reality That Could Come True

What Happens When a 4chan Troll Becomes the Richest Man in the World

DUH: Oligarch Prigozhin admits interfering in US elections

Chickenshit Quarter-Trillionaire Suspends Comedian Who Hurts Feelings

Putin’s Plan for the New Congress

Grief and Trauma

NAR “Prophet” Julie Green Larps as “God”

Neo-Nazi German Psyops Girl — Vicky Richter

Garland and Wray Had Their Chance: It’s Time for Joe Biden to Fire Them Both

Q’s Brother Tells Me to “Start Packing”


Mastodon — Giving it a try

Thanks Yoel!

Theosophy: The Occult Roots of the Third Reich and QAnon

Musk Lights $44 Billion on Fire — #TheMeltening

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Russian Convicted Spy Edward Snowden: Libertarians Are Just Kitty Cats

American ISIS: QAnon Cultist Murders Sex Offender Because of “Research on Telegram”

Flynn Pushes Violent Imagery About Elections

Musk: “Welcome to 16chan — Peter Thiel is Handling Moderation Now”

Biden’s Speech Was Historic — And Not Good Enough

How Roger Stone, Jacob Engels, and Ali Alexander Practiced the Insurrection in 2018

Failed Experiment: A Cold Evaluation of the Facts

Putin Asset Netanyahu is Going to Win; Bolsonaro Does Not Concede

New York Times Gets It Right About Rumble

Bannon Is Helping Bolsonaro with a Coup

Message for Yoel, Remi and Elon: Cowards 👻

Holy shit that was fast 🤣

[UPDATE] Follow My Twitter Account Please

David DePape Had an Address in Moscow

Mike Flynn is “Moving Off Telegram in the Very Near Future”

Musk LEAPS to Reinstate QAnon Racist Mark Finchem to Twitter

Jimmy Dore Helped Radicalize David DePape

Antisemitic QAnon Propagandist Jordan Sather Attempts to Explain “5th Generation Warfare”

CNP Potato Head Charlie Kirk: “Democracy is a bad idea”

The Supreme Court is a White Supremacist Cult

Some Good News 🎉

“Died Suddenly”: Psychological Nuke 🚨

LOL, Elon Pats Yoel Roth On the Head [UPDATE]

Qwitter Has Already Returned

Brazil is a Preview of Coming Elections

White House Rejects Insurrectionist for Fourth Star — Ignores Charles Flynn

Incredible: Chief Twit Normalizes Political Violence with Disinfo

Flynn Runt: We’re Still Racist!

“Antifa” is Weaponized

PSA: BLOCK Remi Barrette aka “Conspirador Norteno” — He Still Has Twitter Console Access

We Are On the Precipice — Here’s What We Need to Do, and Can’t

The Five 8: Livestream Tonight — 5PM PST / 8PM EST

FOX: Caitlyn Jenner Blames Pelosi

“Where’s Nancy?”: Attempted Murderer’s Internet History is a Microcosm

“They won’t even be able to walk down the streets”

Pelosi’s Husband Attacked [UPDATE]

Holy Shit Twitter is Already a Dumpster Fire

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Remi Barrette Continues to Ratfuck Gaetz Opponent

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Intimidation and Violence at the Polls

“Desatanisation” Is the New “Denazification”

Archive Your Twitter Account Today

METApocalypse Now — Twitter Next

People With ASD/Asperger Syndrome Are Especially Vulnerable to Undue Influence

Musk Sinks Twitter

“Shut up, idiot”: The Last Gasps of the Controlled Opposition

Flynn’s “Memorandum to the Fake News Corporate Media” — “QANON is made up” 🚨

Batten Down the Hatches for “Citizen Journalism” aka “Digital Soldiers”

Radicalized Pod Episode 46 with Professor Jason Stanley

No, Asshole, Platforming an Antisemite Did Not “Increase the Amount of Love in the World”

Hard Truths

The “Town Square” to Be Owned by a Psychopath Who HATES America — #EvacuateTwitter


Manhattan Institute and PayPal Mafia Are Closing Their Grip

New York Times: Antifa Attacks Comedians

Nazi Sympathizer Michael Tracey

Mike Flynn Writes Kids Book About “Snow Monster”

Yo, Yoel. You need to go. 🚨

Tankie Caucus Sides with Musk

Dominion Could Save the World

Children Running From a Mass Murderer — Again

Stern Burn Notice [UPDATED w/Comment]

Keep It Up, Clarence!

OK, Merrick. What you got? 👀 [UPDATE w/Stream]

The QFO/5D/5G/Ascension Cult Preparing People for Mass Death

Helen’s Message for Joe Flynn

Flyers in Mailboxes are the Tip of a Nazi Iceberg

Occultist Digital Soldiers Defend Mike Flynn’s Mom

Well THAT Sure Clears Up a Lot

Bibi Netanyahu — TV’s Favorite Fascist Putin Asset

U Mad Bro?

Mike Flynn is Sensitive About His Mom

Mike Flynn is Radicalizing Americans with Military PSYOP

Federalist: “We Need to Stop Calling Ourselves Conservatives”

Snap Out of It

Dear Arizona: You are about to elect a future mass murderer

Open AMA / Feedback Thread

Louise Mensch Said “Patriotic Data Scientist” Was Source of Alfa Bank Hoax

Bannon: “Judgement Day is November 8 when the Biden administration ends”

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Flynn Embraces Being “Commander of the Holy War” on NAR Podcast

Zoom Chat - 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Chuck Johnson Pal’s Suicide Note: “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER”

Hey Flynn: “Atheist Globalist” Here

Mike Flynn’s Very Bad Day 🥹

Joe Flynn is “in DC today” 🤔

CNN Runs Palantir Ads Now

Iron March: How a Russian Sparked a Global Neo-fascist Emergency

Flynn Praises Antisemite Kanye West for Being “Honest”

OSINT Toolkit: How to Spot a Chuck Johnson Op

Julius Evola: Dugin and Bannon’s Nazi Prophet

Durham Flops Again

Hey, look at that — a shitload of compromised retired generals 🤔

MSNBC: Normalizing Fascist Putin Ally Netanyahu

“Q” Posts About Operation Mockingbird Again

Radicalized Pod Episode 45: Fight Like Hell w/David Pepper

Musk: Making Antisemitism Great Again

Yes, Remi. You Should Be “Concerned” [UPDATED: Freak Out! 😂]

It Was Private Citizens Who Prevented a Nazi Coup During WWII

Flynn is Losing It 😬

“88 Tactical”: Franchising Nazi Training Camps


Richest Man Stumblefucks Into Kremlin Propagandist

Jack Flynn — The OTHER Treasonous Flynn Brother [CORRECTION]

HEY GOOGLE: Here’s What You Just Approved Of 🚨🚨

Secretary Austin: Stop Hiding From Your Flynn Problem

Don’t Wait — Vote NOW!

Thiel Says He Wants to Be Maltese

Remi Barrette Provides Technical Tools for Trolling Substack

Eric Garland — Stop Platforming Neo-Nazi Peter Thiel Employee Chuck Johnson

How the Kremlin is Converting American Leftists into Fascist Digital Soldiers

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Apparently Pleading the Fifth Gets You a Pass in Congress?

Twitter Had ONE Decent Employee


QAnon Propagandist Mike Rothschild Blatantly Lies to NPR

We Are Being Groomed for Genocide

Nazis and Insurrectionists Are Now Big Fans of the Country That Funded 9/11

Flynn’s Plan to Bring 30,000 Brownshirts to the Midterms 🚨

Twitter Terrorist Remi Barrette Sends His Goons to My Substack Again

Google Approves Insurrectionist QAnon App

The Committee to Blame Trump

Despicable Psychopath Alex Jones Will Be BROKE for the Rest of His Life

Musk Disabled Communications in Crimea Because Putin Told Him To

Smoking Gun: Mike Flynn Lays Out His Military Plan to Overthrow the Government


Joe Flynn is a #GenocidalMoron

Sekrit Zoom Call: Poots is Unhappy with Little Elon

Hey Bloomberg, You Forgot About the Whole Nazi Thing

Mike, I Have Plenty To Do

Dugin Freaks Out

Sure, Let’s Sell Twitter to This Guy

Salon Prints Controlled Opposition


The Plan for a New Confederacy

Radicalized Pod Episode 44: Brianna Wu

“Killnet” Takes Down Airport Websites — Media Blows it Yet Again

Twitter Promotes Scientology

#Bobbski Shows Her Cards

Hellscape: #PutinIsOnTheBallot

“In My Blones” — Trump’s “Rally” Condensed

General Misha’s New Psyop — Two-Minute Explainer

Longtermism — The Stupid Idea with the Stupid Name

“Conspirador Norteno” aka Remi Barrette Seriously Screwed Up This Time

How to Spot a Russian Asset: Part 1/♾

Normally an Exploding Bridge is Bad News

Tudor Dixon is a Hilarious Performance Artist

Mike Flynn: Georgia on Your Mind?

“QAnon Expert” Mike Rothschild: Do you disavow antisemitic cryptofascist Lucien Greaves?

YouTube Recommended Tankie Trash

It’s Your Birthday! 🎈

They’re Running Out of Time

RadPod and (Trying Real Hard to) Chill: Livestream TONIGHT 7PM PST / 10PM EST

Proud Boy Pleads Guilty; Weed is Legal

The Satanic Temple is Not Helping

Zoom Chat TODAY - 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Sekrit Zoom Call: Vlad is Unhappy

NYT Prints Unsourced Propaganda about Dugin’s Daughter

Rémi FAILS to Nuke RadPod

Mike Flynn’s Plan for Creating Religious Violence

Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal Is Nothing Short of an Act of War

Elon Musk Says Twitter is an “Accelerant” for… Something

Mike Rothschild Lying: Live Cam

Susan Portnoy, Matt Donovan and Remi Barrette Team Up Again to Assassinate a Twitter Account

Sekrit Zoom Call: Here’s Why Elon Musk is Buying Twitter

Remi Barrette Retaliates by Suspending My Podcast Twitter Account — Need a Favor

Russian psyop, Russian psyop, Russian psyop [UPDATE: Joe Flynn defends Rothschild]

Radicalized Pod Episode 43: With Volodymyr Demchenko from Ukraine

“How do you do, fellow bikers?”

Elon and Vlad Zoom Call

Flynn’s Blueprint for Insurgency

Elon Musk Picks a Side


Kremlin Psyops in Action

Where’s Q? 🤔

Putin’s MASSIVE American Telegram Cult

#Bobbski Cooperating

Live Cam of Twitter Recruiting for Putin

Yes, Virginia, We are in WWIII

Who Got “Easter Gift Deliveries” from Oleg Deripaska?

Incel Hero: Jordan Peterson


Judge Cannon Sets Her Robe on Fire

Heads Up: Ukraine Warns about Tactical Nukes

Zoom Chat Today: 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Biden Approves $75k+ for FL Hurricane Victims


Oligarch Oleg Deripaska Indicted 🎉

Mike Flynn Sends a Message to QAnon Through 8chan Owner Jim Watkins

Supremacist Court

Mike Flynn Jr.’s Hurricane Thots

Susan Portnoy: Contact Me ASAP

Mike Rothschild Creates Conspiracy Theory about WH Call to Rioter

Weird Day to Lie about GamerGate

Flynn’s Network is Blaming Putin’s Pipeline Sabotage on America

PSA: This is Your Face on MAGA. Any Questions?

Hey Doubletree Hilton: We Have a Problem

Ian Barrels Towards Flynn County

Decisions, Decisions

Down with Putin

Denver Riggleman is Right

Hurricane Info

Radicalized Pod Episode 42: With Monique Camarra Live from Italy

NBC Falls for the Controlled Opposition

Here’s Flynn’s Plan to Destroy the Mid-terms

The #FweeAssange Cult is Coming for Me Now 🙄

They’re So Close [UPDATE!]

Exclusive: Misha and Vlad Zoom Call

Italy is Going Full Fascist


Is Mike Flynn a Traitor?

How’s Doomsday Going for Everyone?

“October Surprise” in Taiwan?

OK, Q 😑

Newsweek: Pay No Attention to this AWESOME Doomsday Propaganda

WaPo: Gaetz is Totally Fine 🙄

MindWar: One Small Victory Explained

Small Victories

Project Veritas Loses in Court 🤭

Flynn’s Big Babies

RadPod and Chill: Livestream Tonight 7PM PST / 10PM EST

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CNN Speeds Toward the Bottom

Fear is a Double-Edged Sword

Sekrit Troll Call

Neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes: I welcome “TOTAL NUCLEAR WAR against the evil West”

Flynn and Vigano Launch Neo-Nazi “Anti-globalist Alliance” 🚨

Dear Putin Stans

Make Antifascism Fashionable Again

Russians Protest Conscription 🧨

Bannon Joins Dugin’s Call for an “Army of the Awakened”

GOP Compilation of Democrats Calling Out Stolen Elections is AWESOME

Tish James is Setting the Trump Family on Fire

Putin, Dugin and Flynn: “A Culture of Awakening” to Prepare for WWIII

#TheClenchening Intensifies

“Breaking”: Flynn Sends in the Clowns

Mike Flynn aka “Q”: “Is China Preparing to Invade America?”

RadPod: 41 Middle Fingers and Counting

Who the f_ck is Jackson Hinkle?

NYT: “Ermagerd, Trump Did a QAnon!!!” 😱

They Got Nothin'

Mike Flynn’s Story About Getting Fired by Obama is a Lie



FYAAAH: Stella Immanuel Rages Against Demonic Satellites (Music Video)

Free Radicals: American Metastasis

Video Challenge: Demon Sperm Lady at Flynn's QAnon Tour w/Special Guest

OSINT Toolkit: How to Spot a Tankie Op

🚨 Dugin Calls for World War III

A Psychopath's View of the Holocaust

Radpod and Chill Livestream: Tonight at 7PM PST / 10PM EST

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The White House is Fighting Hard

Why Bother with “Trolls?”

A Terrifying Sense of Relief

General Eaton: QAnon is PSYOP #ArrestMikeFlynn

Mike Rothschild: Liberals Are the Problem

Jamie Raskin: “Russia Doesn’t Win” 🔥

Michael Flynn, “at the center” of the insurrectionist war on democracy

The Real “Cabal of Elites” is Showing Their Ass

Susan Portnoy is Very Paranoid

“Search for Q” Episode 4 Tonight — Watch Patrick Byrne Spill the Beans on Mike Lindell [UPDATED]

Ann Vandersteel, Traitor

Mike Flynn is Still Using the Remi Barrette and Louise Mensch Alfa Bank Hoax

#TheClenchening — Feds Seize MyFascist’s MyPhone (tm) 😂 [UPDATED]

Peter Thiel’s Russian Psyop Rumble Goes Public

Trump for Speaker Anyone? VOTE

Flynn Endorses Tulski

QNN Parrots Chuck Grassley Disinformation about Twitter

Mike Flynn Employee Clay Clark Talks to Eric Trump “Pretty Much Daily”

Flynn Uses EO 13848 to Spread Election Disinformation

January 6th Committee Is Back

Bannon Underestimated: 40 Trumpoenas Issued 👀 🎉

Trump Says He’s “Working Today” in DC

Radicalized Pod Episode 40 — Putin’s Nuclear Terrorism with Zarina Zabrisky from Odesa

Attorney Bradley Victor Shuttleworth, Internet Terrorist, is Not a Smart Person

A Simple Idea to Help #TTP

UFO Cult Leader Kabamur Taygeta Endorses Flynn

TriggerMeter (tm) [UPDATED 🤣]

Man Shoots Family for QAnon

TWITTER: Give Rebekah Jones Her Account Back

9/11 — How Mike Flynn Really Feels

Theocratic Lunatic Michelle Bachmann Was Part of the Insurrection

“The Truth Hurts”

#QGate — Flynn’s Ridiculous Lie about QAnon is Not Going Well

Batten Down the Hatches — Putin’s Losing the Kinetic War

Hey Oxford Union: There is No ‘Debate’ about Erik Fucking Prince

Mike Flynn: A Decade of Treason (Notes/WIP)

OSINT Toolkit: How Controlled Opposition Behaves When Called Out


OSINT Toolkit: How to Whitewash a Psychopath

The Flynns are LARPing Hard

Flynn Boasts About PSYOPs Experience; Blames “The Government” for QAnon

Surfing on Their Tears Today 🏄‍♂️

Delicious Tears: Bannon Claims “At Least 35 Senior Members of MAGA Raided by the FBI”

No Shit, Jared

“General Flynn and some members of his family… got voted in”

Radpod and Chill — Livestream 7PM PST / 10PM EST

Tony Michaels Podcast — Who is Q?

Scientology Uses Slave Labor

Elizabeth Was a Good Transition

Zoom Watch Party and Chat - 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Live on Tony Michaels Podcast at 9:30AM PST / 12:30PM EST

Bernie Shaw — RIP

The Great Backtracking: The Panicking

Where’d Joe Flynn’s Tweets Go?

This is Making Me Weepy

Judge: Ignorant Bigots Should Be Able to Kill Their Employees

“Q” Has a Tantrum About Charlie

Where is #BehattedFuckwit Ron Watkins?

Morning Music: “Wake Up You’re An A**hole”

Tucker Platforms Nazi Kremlin Propagandist from Rumble

Judge Who Exposed Trump as a Spy Suddenly Concerned about Trump’s “Reputation”

Interview with a Crypto Scammer

Oh Snap: Cowboy for Trump Meets the 14th Amendment [UPDATED with Radpod]

A Tale of Three Brothers

OSINT Toolkit: How Not to Pwn Someone

The Operation Trying to Protect QAnon is Falling Apart

And… Scene: Fred Brennan Labels Me a “lolcow”

Radicalized Pod Episode 39: With Alex Winter, Director of “The YouTube Effect”

How Controlled Opposition Protects QAnon on Twitter

Joe Flynn Can’t Quit Me — Is it a Cry for Help?

Kiwi Farms

Sorry Marjorie


Trump’s Fears on Parade — “Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia”

Dear God, No: Is Trump Going to Announce with Flynn?

A Brief Moment of Gratitude to the Controlled Opposition [UPDATE: Triggered 😂]

Flynn: Nice country you have there; shame if something happened to it

OK, Frances — Knights of Malta Leadership Dissolved 👀

Ben Collins Promotes GamerGate Cult Leader Fredrick Brennan — Again

Reminder: Zoom Watch Party — TODAY 5PM PST / 8PM EST — with Special Guests 😊

“MAGA Republicans” Means Cult Members

The Press Are Showing Their True Colors

“OK, Donald” — The US Government Calls His Bluff Yet Again

“#PedoHitler Isn’t Unifying Us!” 😭

Radpod and Chill: Livestream Tonight 7PM PST / 10PM EST

Biden’s Speech on Extremism

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Mike Flynn about "The Search for Q" on VICETV

Zoom Chat and Watch Party Tomorrow - FRIDAY 5PM PST

FLYNN: "MAGA is a bumper sticker"

They Got Nothin’ — Poso Seethes, Needs to Cope

12 Years of Anti-American Psyops

The MAGA3X Manual for Training Psychopaths


Part II Times Two

Flynn Propagandist Says All the Quiet Parts in Five Minutes

Joe: We Need More than Speeches

“Antifa” — It’s Complicated

Twitter says it’s fine for Fredrick Brennan to commit “violent threats,” “hateful conduct,” and “exposing private info”

OMG TrumpAnon 🙄

Flynn, Trump and Graham: “Activating” American ISIS

OK, Matt

Radicalized Pod Episode 38: Fighting Information Pollution with the Media and Democracy Project

GamerGate Cult Leader Fred Brennan is Back to Harass and Stalk People

Matthew Donovan aka @StickInMyMind: Regarding Your Threat

GamerGate Cult Leader Suspended from Twitter After Eight Years of Harassment and Stalking [UPDATE: He’s Already Back]

THE EVENT: Read This Thread by Dave Troy

The “RedPill Phone” — A Study in Everything that Has Gone Wrong in America

The Astrophysics of Violence

The Cult is Getting Focused on the Endgame — Meet “ULTRA NUCLEAR MAGA Q”

“Hang Mike Pence” — Mike Flynn’s Plan to Become Vice President

Joe Flynn Wants Me to Know His Brother Has Declared War on the United States

12/4/20 — The Day Mike Flynn Outed Himself As “Q” — Part I

Glorious: Dee Snider FTFW 🤘

Calling Their Bluff

Matt, Nicole and Susan: Psychopathic Failures

Here’s Your Answer, Joe

How Controlled Opposition Promotes a Nazi Podcast

Amy Coney Barrett is a Cult Member Programmed to Suppress Women

Zuckerberg Goes Full Fascist

Radpod and Chill: LIVESTREAM Tonight 7PM PST

The Swedish Troll at the Center of the "Anti-StewAnon" Cult - “Robin Eriksson”

Zoom Watch Party - 5PM PST / 8PM EST - w/Special Guests 🥳

Did Mike Flynn Leak DOD Secrets to Edward Snowden? 🤨

The Search for Q: Season 2 🤭

CORRECTION: *Super Triggered

Bannon and Poso Try to Ignite a "Powder Keg"

Get the Popcorn — Mike Flynn aka “Q,” You’re Up

New Psyop: It’s Not WWIII, It’s WWI

This Is All So Fuckin’ Weird

Hahaha Susan and Remi Are Going to Be Pissed

Benjamin Barr: The Corrupt Lawyer at the Center of Everything

Are We Clear About Twitter Yet?


Mike Flynn Signed His Name "Q"

#Bobbski Lied to the FBI

168 Hate Accounts

I Fixed Nazi Nick Fuentes' Propaganda Trailer

Why “Wuhan” is Trending

Mike Flynn's Muse Is Aleksandr Dugin

Dugin Blames “Nazi Ukraine,” Vows Retribution for Daughter’s Death [UPDATE 1]

Did Mike Rothschild’s Abbreviated Fashion Career Come Via Susan Portnoy?

“Great Turnout”

Reports: Dugin Hospitalized for “Heart Attack;” Russian “National Republican Army” Claims Credit for Bombing [UPDATE 1]

Anarcho-capitalism: The Cancer That Just Ate CNN

This is Not a Game; This is a Real War

Mike Flynn’s Muse Aleksandr Dugin is Targeted in Russia — Dugin’s Daughter is Killed 🚨 [UPDATE 7]

The Invisible War

Right on Cue: Flynn Goes on QAnon Show to Push for War with China

Charlie Flynn: The Ticking Time Bomb Commanding 90,000 American Troops

Flynn Exposes “The Greatest Crime in US History” AND “The Largest Crime of Our Century” 😂

Loomer Campaign Theme Song: “We’re Not a Democracy” by Mike Flynn

Thanks for the Free Rent, Joe [UPDATED]

David E. Martin, Mike Flynn and Me

Mike Flynn’s Dangerous Escalation: “It’s Time to Activate Every Single American” = FREAK OUT!

NaturalNews Nightmare: The Network of Death Spreading Kremlin Psyops in the United States

CNN: Fuck You America

Radpod and Chill: Livestream Tonight at 7PM PST 💙

Chris Miller is a Moron

OK, Zoomers - 5PM PST Tonight!

Mike Flynn: Rule of Law, Shmule of Law

Ezra Cohen’s Lawyer is Full of Shit [UPDATED]

Cognitive Capture: Understanding Jane’s Story

Jane’s Story

“Every Republican Voted Against This…”

Boston Boomer Nazi Cult

Flynn and Russia: The Enormous Blind Spot in the Press

Flynn and Giuliani Want You to Pay $911 for Dinner and Treason

The Guy Who Went After Flynn Coming on MSNBC Right Now [WILL UPDATE] 👀

The Big Problem: We Sort the Psychopaths to the Top

Flight Risk LOL [UPDATED]

Radicalized Pod Episode 36: Escaping Hate with ex-Oathkeeper Jason Van Tatenhove

Russian QAnon Channels Are Projecting Biological Warfare

Mike Rothschild is Out of Answers

No Zoom Today

Flynn Pitifully Propagates Monkeypox Propaganda

Rand Paul is a Blatant Russian Asset [UPDATE]

How Mainstream Media Cooperates with White Nationalists by Platforming Liars Like Mike Rothschild and Fred Brennan [UPDATED]

Nervous Mike Flynn: “I will guarantee… there may be another distraction… against us, actually”

#Bobbski Haz an Update from the Trump Motel

Mike Flynn’s Plan to Give Nukes to Russia and the Bonesaw Regime

Did Trump Get Honeypotted? Did Flynn?

Anonymous: Rise, Fall and Payback with High Fidelity

Dear YouTube: Restore My Account and Remove Your Defamatory Notice [UPDATED]

DOJ Was Searching for “Nuclear Documents”

Stochastic Violence is Not “Civil War”

Zoom this Weekend

Is Mike Flynn’s Ex-Lawyer the Mar-a-Lago Leaker? [UPDATED]

Merrick Garland’s DUNK [UPDATED]

Psychopathic Sadist Joseph J. Flynn [UPDATED]

Pizzagate Guy Hired By Kremlin to Do More Russian Propaganda

Radpod and Chill: Special Wednesday Edition - 8:30PM PST TONIGHT

Joe Flynn, I Fixed Your Seditionist Anti-vax Video

Joe and Mike Flynn's War on LGBTQ+

MSNBC is Confused

Joe’s Belated Excuse

Twitter is a Corrupt Shitshow — Part Eleventy Zillion

OK, Merrick - This is Baller

Mike Flynn aka “Q” Might Sue Me

Joe Flynn: Q&A [UPDATE 2]

Violence is Not Their Goal, it’s POWER

BREAKING: Joe Flynn Says “There Was Nothing in the Safe Jimmy the Genius”

No, We’re Not Having a Civil War Because Trump’s Motel Got a Door Knock

“They even broke into my safe!” 😂

Radicalized Pod Episode 35: Troll Psychology with Dr. Evita March

Amazingly, Joe Flynn Has a Point

“You fucking generals, why can’t you be like the German generals?”

Joe #FredoFlynn is a Traitor Who Thinks it’s Funny That His Brother is a Genocidal Maniac

Hello Troll: Here’s Why this Account is Lying

Mike Flynn Wants to Execute Fauci


Joe Flynn, Please Forward this to Mike

Emily Molli: Correcting the Record

Thanks to My Trolls I Had the Highest Traffic to My Substack Yesterday

Hitting a Nerve: Additional Deep Thoughts by Joseph J. Flynn

Meme Workshop: "A firm believer that Jim Stewartson is a fucking lying fraud - Joe Flynn"

Joe Flynn Can't Help Himself - Thanks for Cheering Me Up, Traitor

My YouTube Channel Got Taken Down

The Life and Times of Susan Portnoy: How a Media Executive Ended Up Trolling People for Fascist Dollars

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The Trolls Are Sad 🥳

American Mindf*ck: The QAnon Documentary They Don't Want You to See

Federalist: We’re All in on Flynn

When You Lose Kansas

Remi and Susan Are SUPER Nervous

LIVESTREAM 5PM PST - Mike Flynn is Q - Two Year Anniversary Edition - AMA

Byline Times: Agitation and Propaganda

Two Fucking Years

Legal Complaint: Work In Progress

The Knowpes: Rocco Castoro, Emily Molli and Rob Waldeck

Horseshoe Op Doesn't Believe in Horseshoe Theory


LIVESTREAM Tonight: Saturday 8PM PST - The Insurrection Was Plan B with Gal Suburban - New Receipts & AMA

PSYOP Watch: Russian Indicted After Eight Years of US Psyops

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Donald Trump is Being Fed to Democrats as Red Meat By People Worse Than He Is

Ron Watkins Did Not Get Trump’s Endorsement and He is Threatening to Talk About Q 🤭

Twitter Coordinated Harassment Team Locks Down “In Solidarity”

Radicalized Pod: Episode 34 — Hunger Terrorism and Combat Propaganda

#DutchFarmers: Flynn/Russian Psyop in Progress 🚨

Worth Fighting For

Constructing the cyber-troll: Psychopathy, sadism, and empathy


Believe Them

One Down, Eleven to Go

Susan Portnoy Participates in Extortion Plot Using Stolen Material from Nicole Chenelle and Matt Donovan

Minor Technical Issue Solved! Please join the livestream of the hearings now.


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How Mike Flynn Stole the 2016 Election - in Two Minutes

Radicalized Pod: Episode 33 with Dr. Steven Hassan

Flynn: It's Time for Civil War Between the States 🚨

Quick Update

The Russian “Nazbol” Tens of Millions of American Lemmings Are Following Into a New Holocaust

Radpod and Chill — Tonight 7PM PST

The Neo-Nazi 4chan Troll with $250B and 101M Twitter Followers

The Episode Where We Bitch a Lot

Orbiting Flynn: The Boss Monster Hiding in Plain Sight

J6 Committee: Twitter is Complicit

J6 Watch Party - Zoom Chat Now

J6 Hearing at 10AM PST

J6 Committee Hearing Today — 10AM PST

Dear Twitter: Part I

Flynn’s “Great Awakening” QAnon Psyops Tour

Good Morning to Everyone but Roger Stone and Mike Flynn 🌞

Joe Biden Knows about Mind Control

Steve Bannon Swatted 🤭

Hahahaha — Elon Musk Faceplants

Hey Barton Gellman: Mike Flynn is not Crazy. Knock it Off.

Mike Flynn’s Brain: William Lind

Donald Trump Calls in to Mike Flynn’s “Great Awakening” QAnon Tour

How to Use Mass Murder to Spread Disinformation: Part III

Radpod and Chill: Livestream Tonight 7PM PST

47: The Number that Redpills Rap Fans into Neo-Nazi Ideologies

How to Use Mass Murder to Push Disinformation: Part II

Zoom Chat - Same Time - Thursday 5PM PST

Zero to Dumb: Peter Thiel with Special Guest High Fidelity

How to Use Mass Murder to Push Disinformation

WWIII is Going Kinetic

Ivan is Terrible

Radicalized Pod Episode 31: Jackie Singh

BREAKING: Highland Park Murderer Knew the Location at Least Ten Months Ahead of Time [UPDATES]

This is not “Independence”

Monkeypox-related Propaganda is a Vector for LGBTQ+ Hate

The Insurrection Was Plan B: Part V — Special Report — Chris Miller Knew 🚨

The Insurrection Was Plan B: Part V — Special Companion Episode

Quarter-Trillionaire Accelerationist Cult Leader Meets with the Elderly Leader of Two Billion People

CNN is THIS Close to Understanding QAnon

ZZ Stop

Fourth of July Weekend

“Russia, Russia, Russia”

Radpod and Chill: Livestream Tonight 7PM PST / 10PM EST

SCOTUS Wants the End Times

Zoom Chat Invite: Thursday 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Nancy Pelosi is Metal AF

Paranoia on Parade: How Goldbugs, Libertarians and Religious Extremists Brought America to the Brink

“Mike Deserves It”

Vigano: Flynn’s Anti-Catholic QAnon Priest

“Conspiracy Theories”

Hearings, Ginni’s Lawyer and Seth Rich 2.0 with Gal Suburban

Joe Flynn Calls the J6 Committee “Soviet Bullshit”

Zoom Chat — Thursday 5PM / 8PM

Amber Heard 2.0

Twitter Bullies

The Great Backtrack Part II: The Quickening

Flynn Took the Fifth about the Peaceful Transition of Power

“Everyone knew”

Cassidy Hutchinson is John Dean — This is History

Ali Alexander Says It’s Not Him Testifying Tomorrow

1/6 Senate Sergeant at Arms Suddenly Dies 🤨 [UPDATED]

The Supreme Court is Occupied by Terrorists

👀 BREAKING: Ali Alexander is Apparently Not the Secret J6 Committee Witness [UPDATED]

Radicalized Pod: Episode 30

A Day in the Life of Flynn’s Psyop - 6/25-26

We’re Going to Find Out How “Exceptional” America Really Is

J6 Committee Opening Statement

Supreme Court Rulings at a Glance

“Q” is sorta back I guess. Here’s the password if you want to try it yourself 😬

The Upcoming Civil War

Get Angry, Get Loud, Stay Calm

Gal Suburban is Here to Talk Shop and Take Names

Radpod and Chill: Tonight 7PM PST / 10PM EST

New Clip of Trump March 2021: “They were angry because the election was stolen”

SCOTUS Strikes Down 100-Year Old Gun Law

Zoom Chat — Thursday 5PM PST / 8PM EST

Mike Rothschild Lies to Congress — Annotated

SCOTUS is Creating a Theocracy

4chan + Crypto + ARG = My Nightmare

This is no longer just propaganda [UPDATED]

Holocaust-Denier Chuck Johnson Works for Peter Thiel

Radicalized Pod: Episode 29


The Ignorance is Astounding

Capitol Police: Surveilling for the Insurrection is Fine but We Will Arrest an Insulting Puppet

Ginni Thomas’s Former Cult Lifespring Was Active Measures

Radpod and Chill Livestream Tonight! 7PM PST / 10PM EST

Flynn Calls for Racist Civil War

Please Listen to Mike Pence’s Lawyer

Ginni Thomas is Key to Fixing This

Zoom Chat and Documentary Screening Today! 4:30PM PST

Proud Boys Insurrection Plan: We ❤️ Ron DeSantis

Zoom Chat — Wednesday, 4:30PM PST / 7:30PM EST

The Great Backtracking Begins 🍿

Yonder Sells Off Its AI 🧐

QAnon 101

Radicalized Pod: Episode 28

Zoom Call this Week

From the Hearings: QAnon Adherents Made Violent Threats on Election Officials

Watch the J6 Hearings

How Mike Flynn Transformed QAnon into the Big Lie and Pointed it at the Capitol

Apologies and Reminder

Chuck and Keri — Fuck Entirely Off

Just a Bunch of Nazis Getting Arrested

Seditionist Charles Flynn Must Go 🚨

Elon Musk Wants Russian Propaganda in Teslas

No Shit, Mike

Hopium: What if?

Umber Mussolini is Upset

The Committee Knows

Radpod Youtube Livestream - 7PM PST / 10PM EST

Watch the Hearings — UPDATED

Radpod and Chill: Live Reaction to J6 Hearings — Normal Time Tonight — 7PM PST / 10PM EST

Betsy spills: The plan is to blame it all on Trump

J6 to Ron Watkins: “Where should we deliver your subpoena?”

AI: An Existential Opportunity

Impeach Cultist Amy Coney-Barrett

Foreign Agent Christina Pushaw

Raw Story Catches Up on Jason Sullivan

All You Need to Know About Poso (and Twitter)


“OK 1/6 is going to be a SHITSHOW”

Oops. Sorry George Conway!

New Big Lie: “Democracy Doesn’t Work”

Kellyanne Husband Imposter Simps for 1/6 Traitor Christopher Miller

I Assert My Right to Call Elon Musk a Psychopathic Chickenshit

Radicalized Pod: Episode 27

Zoom Chat Today - 4PM PST / 7PM EST

The Insurrection Was Plan B: Part IV

Quick Update

Powdered Wigs and Norms

Social Media Parallels Authoritarian Cult Techniques

Gal Suburban with Greg Olear

Musk’s Super Bad Feeling

Radpod and Chill: Livestream Tonight — Normal Time — 7PM PST / 10PM EST

The Great Projection: Exhibit A

QAnon: The Great Projection

Leadership is Not Putting Nancy Fucking Reagan on a Stamp

The Least Important News

Mike Flynn Had a Bad Day 🎵🎻

Radicalized Pod: Episode 26

Health Officials: This Sure is Super Weird 🤷‍♂️



Update and Plans

Trudeau Does What Leaders Do 🇨🇦

“The Radicalization Process”

Brilliant, Deadly Propaganda: “I Support the Second Amendment (but)”

Zoom Chats?

Acosta Does His Job

Mr. President

Guest Post: The Scream

Elon Musk Gets Sued by Twitter Shareholders

Achievable Short-term Goals? Please discuss.

Hey Yonder! How much money do you make from “punitive measures?”

“Fear is the mind-killer”

Imagine Allowing Children to Die

Radpod and Chill: *Special Time* 8PM PST / 11 EST

Excuse me, but if you are promoting neo-nazi Chuck Johnson, you are a moron or an op

Hey Yonder! How much money do you make from traumatizing people?

Musk’s Deal is in Trouble

Beto is Showing You What to Do

The Unbearable Smugness of Rémi

Republican Party Platform

Fuck Your Second Amendment [UPDATED]

Thank You. Suggestions?

The Feckless Press is Dragging Us to Oblivion

Radicalized Pod: Episode 25

What the monkeyfuck is going on?


Oh Noes: Jack Posobiec Detained by Swiss Police 👀🫢

🚨 Mike Flynn Explicitly Endorses Violent Revolution

Alfa Bank “DNS Logs” Hoax: Deconstructing a Six-Year, Ongoing Disinformation Operation

About this Whole Monkeypox Thing

Ben Shapiro Spent Tens of Thousands of Dollars to Smear Amber Heard

Weepy, Cranky Mike Flynn: “I have planned for and executed the takeover of countries around the world”

Well that didn’t last long 😂

Mike Flynn is Back on Twitter [UPDATE]

Radpod and Chill: Tonight 7PM PST

“Alpha Masculinity”

You Are Experiencing MindWar

Monkeypox in Europe and the US?

Very Concerned Today

Elon Musk’s Very Bad Day

Biden Administration Bows to Nazi Trolling: Disinformation Board “Paused”

Election Night Schadenfreude Thread

OK, Merrick

Twitter Needs to Answer for This

Fourth Reich

Radicalized Pod: Episode 24 with Fred Wellman

Musk is Gaslighting America

Mike Flynn Makes $50M Claim Against the Government Because His Feelings Are Hurt

The Desperation of Mike Rothschild

I Read the Manifesto

We Are Living Through the Terrible Twos of the Global Consciousness

Putin’s Assets Are Undeterred

Radpod and Chill: Livestream Tonight! 7PM PST / 10PM EST

Cryptocurrency Is a Chaos Op

Kathy Barnette is an Anti-Choice Psyop

#FAFO Alert: Congressional Traitors Get Subpoenaed

Marburg Virus Propaganda: Is Putin Projecting His Plans for Biological Warfare? 🚨

Why is the Italygate guy still running DIA?

Any more questions about Elon Musk? #EvacuateTwitter

Mike Flynn has to pay back the money he got from Putin 😬 (UPDATED)

Hey Congress! Where are the hearings?

Radicalized Pod: Episode 23

Preview of What’s Coming 🚨


We Are Being Bullied

Fragile, Entitled Frat Boys

Announcement: Do Not Join Telegram

Use Inherent Contempt and Lock Rudy Up Right Now

Elon Musk Attack Dog Says Amber Heard’s Bruises Aren’t Big Enough

Why Are They Turning on Dr. Oz?

Erik Prince Wanted to Run Ukraine for Putin

Radpod & Chill: Livestream Tonight 7PM PST

@elonmusk dis you? 😬

Hey WaPo: Do Not Both-Sides Imprisoning Women

Mr. President: Ask Every American One Question

Bye-bye Birdy

2000 Mules Big Lie Premiere Party is LIT

Why are Canadian telco employees deplatforming people for Twitter?

The Beginning of the End

Seven Mountains Dominionism

Kill the Goddamned Filibuster Now

Twitter is Intentionally Boosting Anti-Amber Heard and “Men’s Rights” Trends

My Note to Twitter “Safety”

Inflection Point

SCOTUS is Going to Overturn Roe 🚨

Twitter is Accelerationist Kerosene

Radicalized Pod: Episode 22

Good morning! Musk must be stopped.

Barbara Flynn Redgate

“Are we in a fight with the world’s richest supervillain?”

Elon Musk is a Racist, Misogynistic Anarchist Using Twitter to Destroy Democracy

Article: Someone’s Paying to Harass Twitter Employees

Radpod & Chill: Livestream Tonight — 7PM PST

How much is Johnny Depp paying #KassandraSusan to influence his trial?

Did Mike Flynn Enable Putin’s Annexation of Crimea in 2014?

Put a Fork In It

Tracy “Beanz” Diaz: The Creation of a Russian Propagandist

How to Create a Russian Propagandist: Meet Tracy Diaz 🇷🇺

Radicalized Pod: Breaking News Interview with Dr. Charles Kriel

My New Friend on Twitter

Dear Media: Stop Whitewashing Neo-Nazis

McCain 2017: “Rand Paul works for Vladimir Putin”


The Insurrection Was Plan B: Part III

Psychopath Elon Musk: “I hope my worst critics stay on Twitter”

The End of “Social Media”

Radicalized Pod: Episode 21

A Decisive Victory for Macron…

Putin Believes It

Lawyer: The insurrection was “Plan B”

MTG: “I did not say I believe in QAnon”

Arizona is a Failed State

Donald Trump is a Dangerous, Delusional Puppet

Tracy Diaz: Red Sparrow in the Coal Mine

Radpod and Chill: Livestream 7PM PST Tonight

Twitter is a war zone — literally

Flynn Threatens Nance, Sides With Putin 🚨

Thanks for Proving My Point Russia 😬

Ever wonder why the Cult wants to #FreeAssange?

The Insurrection Was Plan B: Part II

I Didn’t Get Sued by GamerGate Cult Leader Fredrick Brennan

So Much Going On

How Hopeless is the Republican Party?

Reminder: Hillary Was Right

I’m going to keep working

Mike Flynn: Happy Easter from Putin Spokesman Archbishop Carlo Viganó

Dear Poland, Please Don’t Give National Security Secrets to Insurrectionist Chris Miller

EXCLUSIVE — Unheard Jason Sullivan Audio: “We would therefore find ourselves in a civil war”

Quick Update

Mike Flynn is Q (FFS)

Radpod & Chill: Livestream Tonight @ 7PM PST w/Special Guest Gal Suburban!

CIA: Putin’s threat of nukes is not to be taken “lightly”

Elon Musk: Welcome to the Twitshow

📣 The Insurrection Was Plan B: Part I

Stop Speculating about Jason Sullivan

What Does QAnon Think of Putin?

Please Read This Article About Elon Musk’s Bots

Mike Flynn’s Plan to Destroy the 2022 Elections

Mike Flynn 1/6 Planner Ivan Raiklin and Peter Thiel

Will Sommer is a Big Fat Liar

Awww 😥

Ari Melber, Dude 😑

The Shittiest Wizard is in Deep Shit

Flynn: “We are in an INFORMATION WAR.”

Damn Jared, that is a LOT of crimes all at once

Literal Nazi Jack Posobiec Got 12 Hours in Twitmo

Ya think?

Fuck Guns

Rich Higgins, Ginni Thomas, Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Mike Flynn’s Psyop

Lara Logan and Mike Flynn: The Nazis in Ukraine are Actually Antifa

Musk is Not Joining the Twitter Board

Radicalized Pod: Episode 20


The Butcher of Syria is Now in Charge of Putin’s Genocide in Ukraine

Catholic Fascism: Knights of Malta and Opus Dei

Lara Logan is an Erik Prince Op

Remember when half of Twitter said Ali Alexander is a Fed?

Remember when Elon Musk called a caver a “pedo guy” and got sued?

Dispensationalism with @gal_suburban

1/6 Defendant: “I consider myself a digital soldier”

The Consequences of 2016

The Manhattan Institute is Going Full Nazi

America is Alive and Well

Hey Putin

Mike Flynn: “Give me liberty or give me death”

Radpod and (even more) Chill: Livestream 7PM PST

In a Messed-up World — a Ray of Light

12 Fascists Hell-bent on Destroying Global Liberal Democracy

Mike Flynn to Elon Musk: ❤️

Mike Flynn: “The unjabbed aren’t dying”

Peter Thiel has a New “Network” with the Mercers

Dr. Oz Haz a Sad

Getting GamerGated

52 Years Ago: “War Pigs”

“Q Expert” Covers for Russia while Putin Commits Atrocities

Chicken Twitter

Mike Flynn: “I don’t see this as Putin trying to take over Ukraine”

Rut Roh: Mike Flynn Lost MyFascist™ Mike Lindell

Twitter Put Elon Musk on the Board of Directors to Prevent Him From Taking Over

Does the Manhattan Institute Control Twitter?

Radicalized Pod Exclusive: Nadine Smith Describes the Political Tension in Florida

“The Truth Tornado of Twitter” 🤭

How is the American Fifth Column Reacting to War Crimes in Bucha?

Mike Flynn to Elon Musk: We Want QAnon Back on Twitter

Why is There a Traitor in Charge of 90,000 American Troops?

Radicalized Pod: Episode 19

Inauthentic Twitter Suspensions — Roll Call

The Russians are Using American Neo-Nazi Propaganda

Of course they are coming for Disney now 😑

How Mike Flynn and His Collaborators Used My Work to Psyop America

Twitter Needs to Stop Allowing This

Undue Influence

Devin Nunes loses again again

I wrote this the day before Trump’s inauguration

Spamming Hate, KassandraSeven Style

Radpod & Chill: Livestream Tonight at 7PM PST

Dear Twitter: Unsuspend @jimstewartson

Good Morning! Thank You.

Joe has a Great Fucking Question about his Brother General Charles Flynn 🚨

Coordinated Harmful Activity Causes Actual Damage

Joe Flynn vs. SatanGate👹

Russian Federation: We want to help our partner Donald Trump become President “again”

Expect Us, Joe

Louise Mensch, Godmother to the Children of Extremist Brexit Pioneer Jacob Rees-Mogg

Why is a Canadian IT Guy Trying to Get My Substack Taken Down

Top Ten #RealBlueAnon Lies about QAnon

Flynn and Trump are Circling the Wagons

🚨 CHENEY: Scavino is tied to “QAnon, a bizarre and dangerous cult.”

“The Resistance” was a chaos operation

FLYNN: “I have NO connections” to January 6th

Radicalized Pod: Episode 18

Will Smith Made a Dangerous Mistake

Being Pro-Putin is Fashionable

Hello Twitter “Safety”

Thanks “Conspirador” for Collecting my Articles about Weaponized Troll #KassandraSusan

Feeling hopeful this morning 🇺🇸

Hey Yoel Roth

POTUS: Putin is a “Butcher” who “cannot remain in power”

Hey Harvard Did You Drop This?

Q is Desperate and Dangerous 🚨🚨

Bijan Kian Strikes Back

Good Morning. It’s Good to have a President Again. ☀️

Who the fuck is Conspirador Norteno?

How to Lie, Weaponize Misogyny and Confess to Crimes All at Once

Twitter is a Failed State

Will I Get Sued by GamerGate Cult Leader Fred Brennan for Putting the Word “Nope” on his $5 Graphic?

Indoctrinating Kindergartners: What Does the Cult Think?


#RealBlueAnon Wall of Shame #1

OSINT Toolkit: How Not to Come Back from Peru

Radpod and Chill: Livestream 7PM PST Tonight

I Note for No Particular Reason

🚨 Flynn Leads Pizzagate / QAnon Brainwashing Session Starring “I AM” Cultist Sean Stone


Flynn ❤️ Sean Stone

David Gilbert, It’s Simple

📣 American Mindf*ck: Short Version

Believe Him

Coordinated Harmful Activity — Twitter Thread

Pompous Asshat

“Josh Hawley” is a LARP

Flynn’s Alternate Reality

I did not post these articles yesterday

Undue Influence — Jane’s Story

Why is this traitor tweeting with Cyber Command?

Fifth Column Follies

American Mindf*ck: The Thinkin Project

Thank you!

OSINT Toolkit: How to Block Louise Mensch


Q Seems Nervous

Seriously Sue?

Radpod and Chill: 7PM PST / 10 EST

There is a lot to be hopeful about

Social Media Fascism

American Mindf*ck: Mike Flynn is a Russian Asset

Robert Jay Lifton: Is Putin Beyond Influence?

Salon: Trump and Flynn Call for Violence and the Media Doesn’t Care

The Great Debate with Mike Rothschild — PART II

Interview with the Elusive and Mysterious Sean Conner

OSINT Toolkit: Approach with caution when it seems too “on the nose.”

8chan Creator and Incel Wizard Wants to Debate for Mike Rothschild

The Great Debate with Mike Rothschild — PART I

Russia, Russia, Russia

Secret Service Report on Incel Terrorism Threat

Kremlin: Tucker Carlson is “Essential”

Et Tu, LinkedIn?

For advanced readers

VIDEO: 🚨 Flynn is Modeling Hitler

Radicalized Pod: Episode 17

Leftist Larpville: I Wonder What Their Plan Is

What is “MindWar?”

An Extraordinary Claim: QAnon Was an Inside Job

RANT: Trust, Defango and Justin McConney

You may be shocked to learn that a guy named “Defango” is an asshole.

I Do Not Know Steven Jarvis

The Fifth Column is Moving Out of the “Clandestine” Phase

143 Ways to Lie

JIDAU: Dramatic Reading

Conversation with Heidi Cuda

JIDAU Recruitment Poster

OSINT Toolkit: How to Monitor an Influence War

Flynn Takes the Fifth

Radpod and Chill: Livestream 7PM PST

KassandraSeven Promo Video?

Interview with the Notorious H.I.F.I.

Madison Cawthorn is a Russian Asset

All the ops are out now

Wait what? 👀

Welcome to the MindWar

OSINT Toolkit: How Not to Sock Puppet

Crypto may finally be getting attention

WH: Russia May Use Chemical or Biological Weapons 🚨

TruthSocial is Qwitter

Telegram Hellscape: Biolabs, “Z” and #CreepiestPriest


OK, Mike: Put Up or Shut Up

Three-star Tantrum

Proud Boy Leader Now Charged with Conspiracy


Gerasimov ☠️ — CORRECTION

Goals / How to Help


General Treason

OSINT Toolkit: How to find a Russian

Dear Yoel Roth: Coordinated Harmful Activity on Twitter Is Not Reportable

Jack Hanick: Pro-Putin Propagandist Gets the Barrel

Constructive Conversation with a Casual Troll

Radicalized Pod: Episode 16

Quick Note

Class Action Against Propagandists?

Troll Bloopers II: Wizard for Hire has a tH3orY

Fifth Column

Dan and Clint Ehrlich 🤔

A little perspective

Let’s check in on QAnon 🇷🇺

New Series: Troll Bloopers I

Troll MarketWatch™️: KassandraSeven / Sue is only available to criminally harass “regular grifters” now 📉

Sorry, but I don’t get it

Please don’t “self immolate” Jared

Any occultists know what this means?

Mike Flynn’s QAnon DM Rooms

The Great Unraveling Continues

Why is Roger Stone walking free?

Rad Pod Livestream 7PM PST

Mike Flynn Appears to be Negotiating for Putin

OSINT Toolkit: How Not to LARP

OMG It’s Habbening 😍

The Alt-left is Real

Vice News Continues to Suck

Antifascism is Not Politics

Dear God, I Almost Feel Sorry for Them

Putin “Funded Far-Right Discord in Europe”

Meet Brad Shuttleworth — Full Time Troll and Part-time Criminal Defense Lawyer

Live-stack SOTU

The Wizard of Incels and his Satanic Sorcerer are Super Mad

OSINT Toolkit - Stupid Wayback Tricks

KassandraSeven Archive

Radicalized Podcast: Episode 15

Putin’s mindset

QAnon is a Russian psyop

Meet “Sorcerer for Hire” Jason Miller

Devin Nunes set up @Q on his fake Twitter network “Truth Social”

OK, Sue.

Russian Socialist: The “anti-imperialist left” is using “Kremlin talking points”

General Misha blames Ukraine on the CIA

Livestream now!

Nukes are on the table for Putin

Charles Flynn must be removed from command immediately

You will not believe this

🚨 Flynn Comes Out

It’s happening here too

Solidarity with Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇸

Seems like funding dried up for some of my trolls 🤔

Marco Rubio is talking about Russia 😒

Unexpected Bonus - Q Tripcodes

Big Picture


Keep Squirming

LOL — Tulski drops the pretense

Mike Flynn’s Russian Telegram Channel

Louise Mensch, please sue me immediately

DEBUNK: New York Times

Arieh Kovler

Weekend Update

OMG You fucking morons

LiveStream soon

Q is on the Rampage

2013 “kassandraseven” LiveJournal

Information War


Twitter reporting is weaponized

K7 Live Cam

Ermagerd DURHAM

Microchip’s Dad Better Start Talking

Radicalized Pod 13: Putin’s Fifth Column

“KassandraSeven” is confused about nearby bridges

WWIII Started in 2015

“KassandraSeven” — like all innocent people — is destroying evidence

WWIII began in 2015

Remember this?

Russia is going to invade Ukraine 🚨

Precisely one (1) of these things is true


Thanks for the confession, Jan


Weaponized Professional Troll @KassandraSeven: Part III

You don’t say…

All of this is PSYOP by Mike Flynn

Doug Stewart wants to talk about 2011

“KassandraSeven” has returned

Weaponized Professional Troll @KassandraSeven: Part II

“KassandraSeven” has disabled its account


Weaponized Professional Troll @KassandraSeven: Part I

Thanks for the clarification Jack

Code of Vets is a Front for the Oathkeepers

Peter Thiel Prefers Psyops to Democracy

🚨 DHS Terrorism Alert

How to report internet crime

This is who we’re dealing with

Peter Thiel Offers Joe Rogan $100M to Keep Spreading Disinformation

Live Troll Attack Cam

MAGA3X Documents


A Brief Note

Jack Posobiec Interrogated Detainees at Gitmo

Dear David Corn:

I’m glad the media is starting to catch on

What are LARPs?

“Q” was Mike Flynn’s Alter Ego


Flynn embracing the horseshoe

Elmer Stewart Rhodes is being interviewed by the J6 Committee right now

Vice 👀

As I was saying


Flynn, Q and the Russians

First 100 “Q Drops” Explained

Grateful to those coming forward

Engineering Chaos: QAnon vs. “BlueAnon”

Almost there

January 6th Defendant Names Mike Flynn 🚨

Poking the Bear

Working on something

MAGA3X / Q — Mike Flynn Jr.

Putin is turning us into Russia 🚨

VIDEO: Mike Flynn shares anti-mask HOAX

American Zero

Suggestion thread

Mike Flynn’s impassioned defense of Russia 🚨

Mike Rothschild has had a change of heart about Twitter suspensions


Paid subscriptions — asking for help

Radicalized Episode 10 with Brent Allpress and Jack A. Bryan

Mike Flynn’s brothers are cooperating with Joe Rogan’s favorite anti-vaxxer Robert Malone

Roger Stone is mad that Mike Flynn is getting exposed

Louise Mensch says I’m working with “RU-aligned trolls” and says “Mike Flynn isn’t Q”

The first “Q” was James Brower and Microchip working for #MAGA3X, Flynn (and the Russians)

Dan Ehrlich

It’s time to talk about harmful online “ops”

#NotQ #BehattedFuckwit

Mike Flynn simping for Bill Maher was only a matter of time

Mike Flynn’s fascist tears are delicious

Do you believe Ronald Watkins was “Q?”

“Ignore them” is no longer an option

Here is the video they do not want you to see

Here is Mike Flynn Jr presented this time without comment


Something is wrong with Mike Flynn Jr

Mike Flynn and Rudy Giuliani to be stripped of honorary degrees

Substack trolls

Let’s check in on theocratic fascist Mike Flynn


Matt, the internet is forever

Keep squirming

The son of Oathkeepers head Stewart Rhodes identifies Mike Flynn and Erik Prince as leaders of 1/6

Mike Flynn is not a Christian

Radicalized pod: Chris Vickery explains online character assassination

No, I am not “going crazy on substack” or whatever

Who wants to see actual ban evasion?

Clip from Radicalized of Brent Allpress talking about the video that led to #SatanGate👹

The “journalist” who participated in destroying my volunteer group wants to subscribe to my Substack

Death threats

Radicalized: Episode 9

Controlled opposition

This troll brigade proves my point

Mike Flynn is just doing Q drops

Rocco Castoro is the worst op

Banning you is easier than you setting up a new account to troll me

What is this dogshit headline?

What’s wrong with Chad?

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I am KassandraSeven’s full time job

Damn. Honestly, quite surprised.

Mike Rothschild

I did not break the Twitter Rules

Note: Feel free to share my posts on Twitter or anywhere else

Twitter suspensions for “ban evasion”

If you come on here to troll me I will delete your shit and ban you

This weekend I’m going to show people what Twitter is really like

Jordan Peterson is a white supremacist gateway drug

Twitter is an Influence War

What are we here for?

Reality Anarchists

Thread on my suspension


Peter Thiel ♥️ Joe Rogan

Twitter Trolls

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